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Fall Prevention and Height Safety Systems

Height safety is paramount for any workplace, and the right fall prevention system, professionally installed, will provide compliance and prevent worker injury. We are a supplier of the full Sayfa range of fall prevention systems and rescue and recovery equipment which are all tested to the relevant Australian standards.

Sayfa’s complete range of fall prevention systems includes safety anchors, roof walkway systems, access hatches, guardrails, access ladders and more. We will provide and install the right height safety solution for your workplace, and can design custom systems to the specifications of your workplace.

Permanent Walkways and Guardrail Systems

Australian Height Safety Services install permanent walkways and guardrail systems, in aluminium or galvanised steel. This also includes our permanent ladders for safe roof access, plant platforms, roof hatches, and ladder access points.

We can design ladders or walkway systems to provide fall protection for any roof that may require safe access to your serviceable plant and equipment.

Permanent Life Lines

AHSS install permanent life lines and static lines and can design and test a life line for any situation that you may have where a static line is required, this includes both rooftop and sidewalls.

We offer Sayfa’s full range of roof harness and anchor points, anchoring slings, inertia reels and more. We also have equipment in kit form such as a roofers kit, which comprises a harness, lanyard, safety rope, rope grab, anchoring sling, karabiner and a carry bag.

We also have the option of a temporary safety line kit. Call us to discuss the right solution which we can recommend for your roof safety requirements.

System Certification

We have a specialised certification and testing team and can offer a thorough certification process where we inspect your permanent fall prevention systems, and provide you with a detailed inspection checklist and certification on completion.

Certification of all permanent fall prevention systems is required every 12 months to conform to the Australian Standards and ensure compliance.

See our full range fall prevention products and height safety services:

Examples of height safety equipment

Project Example

This example shows how different types of height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

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