Benefits of Height Safety Equipment

Benefits of Height Safety Equipment

benefits of height safety equipmentMany of the safety precautions that today’s companies must employ when they have people working at a height are a mystery to the average person. It’s easy for people to forget that it hasn’t been that long since hard hats, safety shoes and even simple safety nets weren’t in common usage.

The safety industry has progressed significantly and mandatory standards are now in place for anyone that’s working at heights and on inclines. It protects employees from falls that in the past would have resulted in debilitating injuries, permanent disability or death. Height safety equipment also mitigates the potential for fines and lawsuits, ensures companies are in compliance while work is being performed, and reduces instances of injuries and deaths.

A good example the need for safety would be early mine workers. As late as the 1950s, workers wore belts that were hooked to ropes to keep them from falling as they were lowered into the mine. Those ordinary ropes were subject to fraying and breaking. Many miners were severely injured, killed, or were unrecoverable after such a fall.

Today’s workers have the protection of roof anchor points, safety harnesses and static lines. Roof anchor points enable workers to attach themselves to a secure point, while enabling freedom of movement so they can complete their tasks. They’re combined with static lines and harnesses that absorb the energy generated by a fall rather than being absorbed by the body.

A variety of complimentary equipment and safety systems are available for working at heights to accommodate an extensive range of needs. Depending upon the height, work surface, and tasks to be performed, landing platforms, guardrails, and step bridges may be employed, along with walkways, roof access hatches, and open or enclosed ladders.

Before any work begins, a professional that’s experienced and knowledgeable in height safety equipment and requirements should conduct an assessment. They will know what equipment, precautions, and installations should be made to comply with all applicable safety regulations.

Even a fall from a four-foot height can result in broken bones, internal injuries and even death without the appropriate height safety equipment that’s been properly installed. Safety systems mitigate the potential for tumbling off structure edges or falling through fragile surfaces.

Why choose AHSS?

Australian Height Safety Services has been providing a wide array of expert systems, installation, and safety advice for more than 15 years to ensure worker safety and reduce the potential for liability. The company’s systems are cost effective solutions that are in compliance with all regulatory requirements for multiple applications.

We offer design and installation of all Fall Protection solutions, including static lines, roof guardrails, access ladders, aluminium walkways and roof walkway systems.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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