Fall Arrest Systems for Compliance, Safety and Reduction of Liability

Fall Arrest Systems for Compliance, Safety and Reduction of Liability

Why Are Fall Arrest Systems ImportantA fall from even a relatively small height can result in life-threatening injuries and possible death. Australian Height Safety Services (AHSS) is an expert in fall arrest systems and have noted that many industries underestimate the risk, only utilize the minimum protection needed, and aren’t cognizant of current regulations.

There are many types of fall arrest systems available and the precautions used will largely depend on the relevant compliance regulations in place and the areas that will be accessed. A fall arrest system is required for employees that will be walking or working within two meters of a roofs edge.

The slope of the roof will also be a factor and fall arrest systems may incorporate roof walkways, guardrails, static lines or a combination of multiple precautions. The highest level of control is always recommended, unless a lower level isn’t feasible.

A hierarchy of control has been established according to the following order from highest to lowest.

  • Eliminate risk – for work on the ground or a solid construct such as a roof walkway, with a ladder, stairway and guardrails
  • Passive fall protection – systems and products that don’t need alteration after installation, including guardrails
  • Work positioning systems – are typically rope access systems like roof anchors and static lines
  • Fall injury prevention systems – these are designed to minimize worker injuries if a fall occurs
  • Ladders and administrative controls – ladders aren’t as desirable as other systems for certain circumstances and require stringent documentation

The type and scope of fall arrest system will be determined based on an examination by a height safety installation professional. The installation procedures are different, depending on the type of roofing material and if the roof is flat or pitched.

Why choose AHSS?

Australian Height Safety Services has been providing a wide array of expert systems, installation, and safety advice for more than 15 years to ensure worker safety and reduce the potential for liability. The company’s systems are cost effective solutions that are in compliance with all regulatory requirements for multiple applications.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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