Height Safety Equipment Protects People and Property

Height Safety Equipment Protects People and Property

Importance of Height Safety Equipment

Safety equipment for employees working at any height can take many forms including guardrails, walkways and roof access ladders to roof access hatches, roof anchor points and static lines. Each piece of equipment is designed with the safety of workers in mind, and to meet all applicable regulatory requirements.

Static lines and roof anchor points enable workers to tether themselves to a safe place on a roof, while still being able to move around effectively. The fall prevention system protects employees, enabling them to work near and even over edges to access difficult to reach areas, and can be used in combination with other safety measures. Also available are roof access ladders in guardrail and cage-type styles for different uses.

Roof guardrails can be used independently or as part of a more comprehensive height safety system. Guardrail systems are available in multiple styles. They can be installed for the duration of a single job, or put in place for a more permanent solution to allow for continuous safe maintenance and monitoring of equipment.

When workers need to traverse flat or sloping roofs, the use of roof walkway systems provides protection against slip, trip and fall hazards. They offer a stable platform for employees to walk on, and protect roof surfaces from damage. And because they are highly durable and portable, they can be installed in multiple configurations.

Roof access hatches are one of the safest solutions available for roof access. They’re offered in a wide range of sizes and provide safe, low-risk passage for people, tools and materials. They’re available in hinged and sliding models to accommodate a variety of needs and situations.

Safety systems protect people and structures, ensuring that safe conditions are maintained at all times. They help companies adhere to regulatory and safety standards and minimize liability in the event of injuries.

About AHSS

At Australian Height Safety Services, we have more than 25 years’ experience in height safety and fall prevention. Our installation technicians are all licensed and highly experienced in the industry, and we guarantee the compliance of our fall prevention systems.

We are industry leaders in fall prevention and workplace safety. We can inspect and certify existing height safety systems as well as propose and install new systems that will ensure compliance and minimise the risk of worker injury.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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