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Roof anchor points

We use the Sayfa Group range of roof anchor points for all our installations. Our team of expert technicians will consult with you before your installation, recommending the right roof anchor points that will meet the safety and compliance of your premises. You’re in safe hands, knowing that our technicians will ensure height safety compliance to minimise the risk of worker injury.

Static lines

When installed professionally, static lines can provide a safe solution and offer maximum protection for your workers. Designed and installed by our expert technicians, we’ll ensure our products will meet all the fall prevention requirements for your worksite. Available in a range of sizes and materials.

Roof walkway systems

Enable safe access with roof walkways from AHSS. Easy to install and lightweight yet robust, roof walkways provide a non-slip solution for your worksite needs. Suitable for most roof designs and compatible with metal decks, let our expert technicians find a roof walkway system to suit your specific applications.

Aluminium walkways

Make your roof 100 per cent safety compliant with aluminium walkways. Durable and super reliable, with the added ability to withstand any weather, it’s a cost-effective roof safety equipment solution. When you need a brilliant material for making modifications as you go, you can’t look past aluminium walkways.

Roof guardrails

Engineered for structural soundness, roof guardrails offer excellent protection against the risk of falls and injuries. Solid and sturdy, our roof guardrails can be installed to suit all standard roof and platform contours.

Roof access ladders

Custom fabricated to suit the exact requirements of your building, our roof access ladders are a permanent and safe means of rooftop entry for your workers. Engineered to support reasonable loads, our expert technicians can install your roof access ladder to meet and exceed the Australian Safety Standards.

Step ladders

The most widely used type of equipment, step ladders are versatile and offer security and safety on small-scale jobs. Let the expert technicians at AHSS supply your worksite with industry-approved step ladders. All our fall prevention systems are comprehensive and compliant with Australian regulations.

Roof access hatches

When you need convenient access to your rooftop facilities, you can’t go wrong with roof hatch access systems. AHSS can provide the installation of hinged and sliding types in a range of sizes while being compliant with all Australian Safety Standards.

Roof safety certification

Not only do we install high-quality roof safety systems, but we also provide roof safety certification and re-certification every 12 months as required by Australian law. Our qualified height safety technicians offer a thorough inspection of your premises to ensure the safety of your workers.

Guaranteed compliance of our height safety system installations

At Australian Height Safety Services, we are proactive in protecting security and wellbeing of all front-line workers who use our fall prevention systems. This is why we only use the highest quality products that have been engineered and manufactured in Australia. Our professional technicians have implemented thousands of roof safety solutions, so you can be confident that we’ll deliver first class fall prevention products and expert installation in your workplace.

We offer all-encompassing height safety systems that include:

  • Consultation and inspection of all worksites before commencement
  • Safe, prompt and professional installation
  • Qualified plumbers to ensure no leaks after the connection of systems
  • Roof safety certification with every job
  • High-quality products

We also work with the Sayfa Group fall protection and accessories range of harnesses, lanyards, anchoring slings and inertia reels. We design and install permanent life lines, such as static lines, for a wide variety of circumstances as well as aluminium walkways and guardrails, permanent ladders, and other roof safety equipment.

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height safety system installations Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney
Height Safety Equipment Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

A comprehensive approach to your height safety

At Australian Height Safety Services, not only do we source and implement the equipment ourselves, but we also offer system certification that involves a thorough inspection of all permanent fall protection procedures. This service includes an inspection and certification every 12 months. We also test and tag each required item, and update all necessary signage. Upon completion, you are provided with a detailed checklist and certificate for your peace of mind.

We make it our business to ensure your roof safety products meet and exceed the Australian Safety Standards to minimise the risk of falls and injuries. For more information on our height safety services, contact us here or talk call us on 03 9718 0322

Project Example

This example shows how different types of height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

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