Height Safety Equipment Prices

Equipment pricing includes materials and installation.

At Australian Height Safety Services, we provide the highest quality products and installation services at a competitive price point.

Height Safety Equipment pricing

Height safety equipment prices vary depending on the nature of the job and what is required to achieve compliance.

An average job for most of our customers typically costs $10,000-$20,000. However, the cost of a job will depend on the scale and complexity of the installation and the type and amount of equipment to be installed. Equipment prices include materials and installation costs and can range from as little as $5,000 to upwards of $100,000.

For more information, see our equipment pricing pages below:

  • Aluminium walkway pricing.

There is a wide variety of factors that can impact on the cost of height safety installations. Get in touch with our team for a detailed quote for your premises.

Our products and services

All of our height safety products are designed and engineered in Australia to meet Australian regulatory standards.

Our installation technicians are all license roof plumbers, as required for plumbing compliance, with a great deal of height safety industry experience. We guarantee the compliance of our installations and provide height safety certification upon the completion of all jobs.

We can inspect your premises and recommend a comprehensive height safety system along with a detailed written quote. Our installations are industry leading, and our equipment prices are competitive.

For more information about our height safety equipment pricing or to get a quote, call our team on 1300 941 211.

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