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How AHSS assisted with the Flinders Street Station redevelopment

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Our fall protection systems put safety first during $100 million revamp

Whether or not you live in Melbourne, you’ve probably heard of the $100 million Flinders Street Station redevelopment. What you may not know is that the team at AHSS was closely involved in supplying and installing height safety and fall prevention solutions for the Flinders Street Station upgrade.

The reason for the revamp was to improve the station’s functionality and protect its history. For more than a century, Flinders Street Station has been considered the heart of Melbourne. But without urgent heritage works, parts of the station were destined to become ‘unsafe, unusable, and eventually unsalvageable’.

The works on the station – which are expected to be complete by 2019 – have predominantly involved working at heights. AHSS were commissioned by Development Victoria to supply height safety and fall protection solutions for workers and personnel to ensure they could safely and compliantly perform tasks as required.

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Flinders Street Station upgrade overview

flinders street station top clock dome


The Victorian Government invested $100 million in the Flinders Street Station redevelopment, which commenced in 2015.

As we observed in our case study on the Flinders Street Station upgrade, the most challenging aspect of providing height safety systems to Development Victoria was trying to minimise their visibility on site. Flinders Street Station is the busiest suburban railway station in the Southern Hemisphere – more than 1,500 trains and 110,000 commuters pass through it every day – and it remained open during all stages of construction.

It was, therefore, crucial to minimise visibility while managing height-related risks as the following upgrades were completed:

  • Urgent repairs to the Administration Building’s crumbling exterior and clock tower
  • Repairing and restoring the heritage façade and domed roof
  • Making the building structurally sound and watertight
  • Conserving and stabilising the building’s structure
  • Repainting the building in line with heritage requirements.

Other works to improve Flinders Street Station included improving access to the station precinct and between platforms, installing myki next-generation equipment and additional myki readers, upgrading lighting and new passenger information displays, and rebuilding toilet facilities.

How AHSS helped put safety first for workers

To ensure safe and compliant access for workers and personnel involved in the Flinders Street Station upgrade, AHSS supplied and installed the following height safety and fall protection solutions:

To view pictures of the supplied and installed height safety solutions, read our case study about the Flinders Street redevelopment or contact us here for more information.

Installing the listed systems involved careful assessment and review of the existing building and its structural integrity. Roof system design is complex, and older buildings can have a wide variety of deficiencies, with some requiring far more retrofitting than others. It was our role as height safety and fall prevention technicians to recommend and install a comprehensive height safety system that didn’t exceed Flinders Street Station’s capacity to support new loads safely.

We carefully evaluated the strength and serviceability of the existing building before recommending our height safety and fall protection solutions, ensuring that safety stayed first and foremost on the agenda. Height safety regulations apply to everyone – no matter how big or small the project – and non-compliance with the Code of Practice produced by Safe Work Australia can have fatal results.

Did you know?

  • If any personnel or contractors need to work at a height of over 2m or within 2m of a fall edge, they need height safety and fall prevention equipment
  • The design and installation of height safety and fall prevention equipment must be carried out by qualified height safety professionals
  • There are significant consequences for businesses and business owners whose premises do not comply with national height safety regulations
  • WorkSafe regularly performs inspections of workplaces across Australia.

Why our height safety services raise the bar

When dealing with an issue as serious as height safety compliance, it is essential to choose height safety technicians who have substantial experience in the area and have worked across large and small projects. Ideally, they should be knowledgeable and reliable enough that you can rest assured that the job will get done right and focus on the important matter of running your business.

AHSS is a national operator with personnel in every state in Australia. Founded in Victoria, we use only high-quality products and equipment and have helped over 1,000 companies achieve height safety compliance for their premises.

We stay tuned to the latest developments in the height safety and fall prevention industry and any changes to state-wide height safety legislation. We genuinely care about meeting and exceeding Australia’s regulatory standards so we can help protect the safety and wellbeing of all workers and personnel.

Whether your project involves gaining safe and efficient access to systems in a ceiling space or providing secure access to roof-mounted equipment, we can help. Our work on the Flinders Street Station redevelopment demonstrates our ability to tick all the safety boxes while minimising the disruption and disorderliness involved.

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