How to install a roof walkway system

How to install a roof walkway system

If you want to know how to install your own roof walkway, read this first.

You probably already know how important it is that anyone working at heights remains safe while doing so. That’s why a roof walkway can be essential for homes and businesses that require frequent access to serviceable equipment such as air conditioning units.

If you are particularly handy and want to save money on the cost of installation, you might be inclined to buy the roof walkway from a wholesaler and install it yourself. However, any installation that was not completed by a professional installer will not be compliant with Australian standards.

A professional must install your roof walkway and provide you with height safety certification for your premises to achieve compliance.

The importance of roof walkways

If you or any other personnel need to access roof mounted plant or equipment on a rooftop that is over 2m high, you need to have some kind of fall prevention system in place. A roof walkway will eliminate trip and slip hazards that can result in a fall as well as protect roof materials from traffic damage.

Depending on the needs of your premises, you may also need other height safety equipment in order to achieve compliance. For example, if personnel need to walk or work within 2m of a fall edge, installation of guardrails or static lines may also be required for a comprehensive and compliant height safety system.

Why you need a professional installer

A professional installer must install your height safety equipment in order for it to achieve compliance. This is because a height safety specialist will have an in-depth understanding of all the relevant height safety regulations and is able to provide height safety certification.

A height safety installation specialist will also be able to design a fully compliant system that may incorporate multiple products. They will know the correct methods of installation for each product and will ensure the installation is done safely and correctly. If the roof walkway installation requires penetrations to the roofing material, these must be performed by a licensed plumber in order to achieve plumbing compliance.

How a professional installs a roof walkway

An expert height safety installer will ensure that your roof walkway installation is safe and compliant.

The process of installation is:

  1. Perform an inspection
  2. Determine the height safety system required for the site
  3. Safely cut and lift the materials
  4. Fix the supports in place
  5. Attach the walkway to the supports.

What can go wrong with DIY installation

The most important thing to remember is that any height safety installation that you perform yourself will not be compliant. You must receive height safety certification from a professional installer in order to achieve compliance.

You should also remember that you will not be able to safely perform a DIY roof walkway installation if you have not been trained to do so. If your roof does not currently have appropriate height safety equipment in place, then it can be very dangerous for someone who is not a trained height safety installer to try and install equipment.

Apart from the immediate safety concerns of installing a roof walkway yourself, there is a risk of future injuries caused by mistakes you made while installing the system. These are unacceptable risks since incorrect installation of height safety equipment will increase the risk of workplace injuries, rather than diminish it.

Get your roof walkway installed by the experts

Australian Height Safety Services are industry leaders in fall protection and height safety equipment. We have over 15 years of experience and use only the highest quality Australian made products.

We guarantee the compliance of our system installations through our superior installation practices and our use of industry leading products.

For more information about roof walkway installation, call our expert team on 1300 854 217.

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