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Industry specific workplace height safety advice

At Australian Height Safety Services, we have a great deal of experience with height safety systems for a wide variety of industries. We know and understand the height safety needs of many industries and can provide compliant OHS equipment for any industry.

Height Safety and OHS equipment for industries

Our team has provided industry specific and compliant solutions for many business with different requirements for achieving compliance. We can provide height safety and OHS equipment for:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing and factories
  • Retail and commercial
  • Infrastructure and telecommunications

Our height safety expertise is not limited to these industries. We can assess the needs of any premises and install a comprehensive and compliant height safety solution, no matter what the industry.

For more information about height safety for your industry, get in touch with our team.

Workplace height safety information and resources

Australian Height Safety Services is an industry leader in workplace height safety and compliance. We can help you achieve compliance for your workplace through the installation of permanent height safety systems as well as the certification of existing systems. For more information about workplace height safety and compliance, see the relevant government regulators, nationally and in each state and territory:

Get expert height safety advice

We can help you achieve compliance, no matter what the needs or circumstances of your workplace or your industry. We can inspect your premises and recommend a comprehensive height safety solution. Our team of installation technicians are all licensed plumbers, and we guarantee the compliance of all our installations.

Contact us for more information about height safety or OHS equipment for your industry.

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