Key benefits of aluminium roof safety systems

Aluminium roof safety

Key benefits of aluminium roof safety systems

Why aluminium roof walkways, guardrails and more transform work safety

Working at great heights has its hazards. Slippery surfaces, roof edges, fall risk areas, out of bound zones. There is no margin for error. You want to eliminate these risks and make your roof 100 per cent safety compliant.

This is where aluminium roof systems come in. They stand out from the rest on almost every performance level.

Aluminium ticks all the safety boxes

Light, robust, long-lasting, non-toxic, 100 per cent recyclable, there’s a reason why aluminium has transformed the roof safety world.

It offers a whole new league of roof safety equipment that is:

  • Robust and lightweight, with a high load capacity
  • Non-corrosive, withstanding any weather
  • Durable, low maintenance and ideal for non-slip walk zones
  • Cost-effective and simple to customise, making it great build material
  • Easy to assemble, installed in no time at all
  • A great protectant, helping your roof go the extra mile
  • 100 percent recyclable, with no downgrading of quality if reused or modified

It will also ensure you meet the requirements of Australian height safety standards and regulations. And this is exactly what you want.

It’s an ideal build material

“This lightweight, 100 percent-recyclable metal has become a foundation of our country’s infrastructure. Used in packaging, automotive, energy, construction, transportation, energy, aerospace and defence applications, to name a few.”
The Aluminium Association

Steel is heavy and hard to modify. Wood expands and warps. Fibreglass doesn’t last as long. And all are more expensive to manufacture, modify and install.

This is not the case with aluminium. Lightweight, super strong, quick to assemble and easy to install, it allows you to take an agile approach to height safety installation.

aluminium roof safety systemsIt means you can:

  • Customise a height safety system to fit your roof layout
  • Use a range of roof safety systems together to ensure 100 per cent compliance
  • Have it prefabricated off-site and installed in minimal time, keeping down costs
  • Use aluminium roof walkways and more to create different safety zones
  • Retrofit components and make changes to fit different roof layouts.

A brilliant material for making modifications and add on as you go, aluminium roof safety systems will give you the most personalised approach of any material.

It encourages a modular approach

Aluminium roof safety systems offer an extensive range of equipment you can use independently or together for a fully compliant roof system. You may need a walkway, guardrail and roof access ladder, or any other combination. And that’s the beauty of modular aluminium systems.

High-grade roof safety systems, include:

  • High-grade roof safety systemsRoof walkways: providing safe roof access and for regular maintenance. Free from trips and hazards, you can make designated walkway areas and also no-go zones. Aluminium roof walkways can also be used to protect your roof and skylights.
  • Guardrails: help to prevent falls and reduce the risk of worker injury and liability. You can install them on and around roofs, platforms, guttering, fire escapes, decking, access hatches and stairways.
  • Static lines: provide safe access to roof-mounted equipment and fall risk areas. High-grade static lines should be strong enough to carry four users per line. They attach easily to metal roof decks, steel, timber and concrete structures.
  • Roof access ladders: helping you get to any high area, including rooftops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. Ladders come in various types, including the katt rung ladder, roof step ladder and alto step bridge. For added safety, you can install cages, hand and knee rails, bridge sections, landing platforms and more.
  • Access hatches: giving you easy access to equipment at great heights. They can include both hinged and sliding types and come in a range of sizes.
  • Roof anchor points: allowing for safe access to roof edges and fall risk areas, for easy and safe maintenance of gutters, roof mounted equipment and rope access to facades and windows.

You can add on and change at any time based on your budget and safety requirements.

Aluminium’s benefits make it the number one pick for Australian height safety experts.

Safer, stronger, lighter, cheaper, longer-lasting, it beats any other material hands down. And for this, height safety specialists love it.

Installed by the right technicians, it offers everything you need in a roof safety system. Maximum safety and minimum risk, so you can focus on the more important job of running your business and connecting with your team.

Want to find the best roof safety system on the market and be 100 per cent work safe compliant?

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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