Key benefits of roof guardrail systems

Key benefits of roof guardrail systems

Key benefits of roof guardrail systems

Find out why roof guardrails are often mandatory

Roof guardrails are a highly effective way to manage and mitigate some of the safety hazards involved in working at heights.

Engineered for structural soundness, they drastically reduce the likelihood of potentially fatal falls and injuries.

Roof guardrails ensure that you and your workers meet the requirements of Australian height safety standards and regulations. This is crucial for maximising safety and minimising risk.

Confused about how to reach full compliance with Australian standards, OHS legislation and state regulations? Contact our expert team on 1300 854 217 for advice grounded in more than 25 years of experience in height safety and fall prevention systems.

Roof guardrails are used to provide protection when a person is required to work within two metres of a fall edge. They are used across domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.

For instance, if an air conditioning unit is installed on a roof edge, it will need to be occasionally accessed for servicing and maintenance. Roof guardrails make this possible while providing requisite fall protection.

Australian guardrail requirements state that guardrail systems must be used under the law for:

  • Housing construction work where there is the potential for a person to fall more than three metres
  • Other construction work where there is the potential for a person to fall more than two metres
  • Construction work on a roof or partly completed roof surface with a slope not over 26°.

What makes for a good guardrail system?

The number one characteristic of a good guardrail system is strength, closely followed by sturdiness. Guardrail requirements state that the effectiveness of a guardrail system depends on:

  • Appropriate design
  • Construction according to the designer’s specifications
  • Testing and examination post manufacturing
  • Instructions supporting the use and maintenance of the system
  • Correct installation by a competent person
  • Appropriate use.

Designers of guardrail systems are obliged to ensure that their systems don’t pose any health risks when used correctly and that their design is accompanied by clear information about how it can be safely and properly used.

Manufacturers of guardrail systems share similar obligations to ensure that, once manufactured, systems are safe and can pass through rigorous tests provided by the Australian Standard AS/NZS4994 (Int) Temporary Roof Edge Protection for Housing and Residential Buildings.

The users of guardrail systems themselves – including principal contractors, employers, self-employed persons, and workers – also have obligations. Namely, they need to comply with the instructions provided for the safe use of the guardrail system and not interfere with or misuse it.

What types of guardrail systems are there?

Both free-standing and fixed attachment guardrail systems exist.

Free-standing configurations eliminate the need for surface penetration and are great for non-permanent fixtures.

Fixed attachment systems – which typically include bolts, welds, or clamp-ons – are better for long-term scenarios.

The guardrail systems we recommend at AHSS are all made from aluminium. That’s because aluminium roof systems stand out from the rest on almost every performance level.

Aluminium is:

  • Robust and lightweight
  • Long-lasting and non-corrosive
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Simple to customise and easy to assemble
  • 100 per cent recyclable.

Aluminium also encourages a modular approach to roof safety and fall prevention systems and can be used independently or alongside any other control measure, such as a sliding access hatch.

What kind of maintenance do guardrail systems need?

guardrail systems

There is no real ongoing maintenance required for a professionally installed roof guardrail system.

All AHSS installations come with roof safety installation certifications and warranties.

Why choose AHSS?

Roof guardrail systems should only ever be installed by qualified, experienced, and licensed professionals. Each AHSS team member is a qualified roof plumber which gives our company a unique point of difference. Furthermore, we boast more than 25 years of experience in the industry and can ensure that your roof safety system is 100 per cent work-safe compliant.

AHSS will happily recommend, supply, and install the right roof guardrails for your premises, including any additional systems which may be necessary. For instance, our team can thoroughly assess and address your needs to check whether your roof’s pitch means that a guardrail system should be installed with a walkway.

In addition, we allow our clients to add on and change components at any time based on their budget and safety requirements.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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