Latest Updates to the AS/NZS5532 Australian Industry Standards

changes to the AS:NZS5532 Australian Industry Standards

Latest Updates to the AS/NZS5532 Australian Industry Standards

Standards Australia regularly review and update the Australian Industry Standards in order to maintain safety for all personnel in line with the latest technology, science and safety systems. The recent AS/NZS5532 updates focused on enforcing the height safety requirements for harnesses with a single point anchor device.

Updates to the AS/NZS5532 Australian Industry Standards

What are the changes to the AS/NZS5532 Australian Industry Standards?

AS/NZS5532 focuses on fall arrest anchors and the obligations and requirements to manufacturers and operators of this equipment. A review on this Standard completed by WAHA (Working at Heights Australia) and Worksafe has ultimately determined that the Standard should be upheld and enforced.

The Standard covers a range of requirements including manufacturing standards, methods for testing during manufacturing and the nature of labelling, marking and packaging required of the equipment. The Standard is published with emphasis on protecting the users of portable and fixed single point anchor devices in industrial settings. The equipment is designed to protect users from falling from a height for work positioning, fall arrest and travel restriction.

How do the changes affect manufacturers and users of equipment?

It has been suggested that certain sectors in height safety have not fulfilled the requirements of this standard recently due to a relaxed willingness to comply to this particular Standard. After the latest updates to this Industry Standard, however, all designers, manufacturers, supervisors and users of this equipment must ensure that they are following all related guidelines to the update.

Reviews of the Standard have described the importance of compliance in relation to the single point anchor devices, for safety reasons. From this update, any person designing or using this equipment must be in line with all criteria outlined AS/NZS5532. 

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