Minimising Risk When Working at Heights

Minimising Risk When Working at Heights

Minimising risk when working at heightsWorking at a height is a necessary task completed by workers from various industries. While working from a height presents considerable risk of falls and injuries, there are a number of risk minimisation strategies and technologies that should be implemented to improve safety. 

Below are 5 protective, structural solutions to improve height safety.

  1. Roof Anchor Point

Roof anchor points are used with harness equipment to provide a secure anchor location for workers. They are installed according to compliance guidelines and improve control of the worker in the case of a fall.

  1. Roof Access Hatch

A roof access hatch provides safety by allowing workers with safe, internal access to the roof. They are designed according to the specifications of the building and eliminate danger to workers.  

  1. Roof Walkway

A roof walkway is a permanent safety installation that allows workers to feel secure from a height. The non-slip path and railing provides a simple and safe roof access solution. 

  1. Guardrail System

A guardrail system provides excellent protection against falls and injuries. They can be customised to suit a range of settings.

  1. Fall Arrest System

Fall arrest systems are required for all workers who are within two metres of the roof edge. They restrain workers from impact and can be lifesaving.                                 

In addition to installing and appropriately using the products above, all staff working from a height should consider the following: 

  All workers should wear appropriate protective clothing and footwear.

  Training and induction should be comprehensively completed by workers to ensure an understanding of the risks and safety requirements.

  Risk minimisation strategies should be reviewed and revised where necessary.

  Workers and supervisors should be aware of hazards and immediately seek to remove or minimise them.

These structural and operational strategies combine to create a safer environment at a height. Ensure you are compliant to all Australian Standards and are providing a safe work environment for all. Contact Australian Height Safety Services for a comprehensive safety solution and height safety equipment in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

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