4 Reasons To Install A Roof Walkway

Reasons to install a roof walkway

4 Reasons To Install A Roof Walkway

Roof safety is a key component in reducing the risk of falls, which can lead to serious injury or even death. As such, roof safety is of the utmost importance for anybody who steps onto a roof.

Roof safety includes many elements, one of which is installing a roof walkway. While some disregard the need for roof walkways, they are a prime example of safety always being better than sorry.

This blog explains what a roof walkway is and why you should install one before starting any roof work. To find out more, contact our professional and experienced team at Australian Height Safety Services today.

What Is A Roof Walkway?

Roof walkways, or roof walkway systems, allow contractors, maintenance technicians, and other workers to access a roof or other elevated surface safely. Roof walkways are sturdy, typically made from aluminium or fibre, and offer a secure route for approved people to access the roof in all types of weather conditions. They aid in eliminating slip and trip hazards as well as protecting roof sheeting during roof work.

4 Reasons To Install A Roof Walkway

1. Safety for people on and below the roof

According to the Key Work Health and Safety Australia statistics from 2021, workplace fatalities have decreased by 50% since 2007. While this is great news, roof work always carries a risk of injury or fatality.

Sadly, falls from a height remain one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. The same data from the Key Work Health and Safety Australia statistics shows that falls from a height represented 11% of worker fatalities by mechanism of incident in 2020.

However, installing a roof walkway can help to mitigate these risks. A safely-laid out rooftop walkway can aid in reducing the number of accidents that may affect the people working on the roof or below it. This is true for professionals and non-professionals, as some people who go onto roofs haven’t completed the necessary study that teaches roof safety. Ensuring you have a roof walkway installed in a thoughtfully laid out manner can provide safe access for professionals and non-professionals alike.

2. Reduced liability

Walking on any roof is dangerous, especially when it is slick and slippery. Roof walkways give workers a non-slip, solid surface to walk on which minimises the risk of falls and injuries. By making the roof as safe as possible for all those on or below the roof, you’re reducing the odds of injuries and fatalities, which also reduces the likelihood of someone pursuing legal action against you.

3. Increased roof lifespan

Excess pressure on your roof can lead to roof failure, which can be expensive to repair. If the damage is irreparable, it may need replacing which is often even more costly than most repairs.

Having roof walkways installed gives workers a clear route to access so they are able to avoid certain areas. Reducing foot traffic in ways such as this keeps both workers and the roof itself safe, and helps to maximise your roof’s lifespan.

4. Increased access to equipment

Vital equipment can be stored on roofs, and getting to this equipment when necessary is incredibly important. Giving workers easy access to equipment will allow them to start and complete their job in as little time as possible, which will help to further increase your roof’s lifespan.

Installing a roof walkway can also save money by allowing the worker to spend their billable time fixing what needs to be fixed, rather than searching for a safe way to access what they need to.

It’s Time To Install A Roof Walkway

At Australian Height Safety Services, we have over 25 years of experience in ensuring safety at heights and minimising the risk of falls. Your safety is incredibly important to us, and we’d love nothing more than to help you meet and exceed Australian height safety standards and regulations. For further information on our equipment such as roof walkways, contact our professional and experienced team today.


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