Roof Walkway Systems Provide Safety and Liability Protection

Roof Walkway Systems Provide Safety and Liability Protection

Roof Walkways Provide Safety to WorkersAny project that involves working at heights needs to be conducted with appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of workers, prevent damage to surfaces, and provide liability protection. The importance of roof walkway systems can’t be overstated.

Roof walkway systems can be customized in multiple ways and combined with other types of safety equipment, such as roof guardrails and roof access hatches, whenever needed. Safety walkways are lightweight, sturdy, corrosion resistant, and highly portable.

Different models are available for specific jobs, including highly visible walkway systems that can be permanently affixed to roofs and provide pathways to equipment that requires frequent monitoring or inspection. Roof walkway systems are particularly beneficial for workers who must traverse rooftops in inclement weather.

Roof Walkway Systems ensure compliance with safety standards and eliminate the potential for extremely costly slip-and-fall accidents on flat or highly sloped roofs, for which an employer could be held liable. The systems deliver anti-skid access on any type of roof, for any industry.

Protecting roof surfaces is always important in any job, and roof walkway systems provide protection from a wide range of potential damage when tools and equipment are being transported across a roof. A walkway also helps extend the longevity of roofs, protecting them from ordinary wear and tear by directing foot traffic along designated pathways.

A roof walkway system is an important and even essential piece of safety equipment when employees are working at height. The systems keep workers safe, protect roof surfaces, and are critical elements in making sure safety standards are met. This in turn helps to reduce the liability a business might incur for any injury to an employee.

Why choose AHSS?

Falls from height are a major cause of death and injury when working on roofs. At Australian Height Safety Standards, we have been recommending and installing height protection and fall prevention systems for over 25 years.

Roof walkway systems should only ever be installed by qualified, experienced, and licensed professionals. Our team of qualified technicians can come to your premises to thoroughly assess and address your needs. Every team member is a qualified roof plumber, so we know how to ensure that your roof walkway system is 100 per cent work-safe compliant. We can also recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for you.

As well as sorting out your height safety walkways, we supply and install any additional systems that may be required, such as guardrails if your roof falls at a particular incline, for example. In addition, we allow our clients to add and adjust components at any stage based on their budget and safety requirements.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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