Safya Systems – Making It Safe To Work At Heights

Safya Systems

Safya Systems – Making It Safe To Work At Heights

Twenty-six. That’s the number of deaths in 2017 that were caused by workers falling from a height in Australia. And it’s twenty-six too many. At AHSS we are committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all workers who use our services, and that’s why we use Sayfa Systems, the market leader in the access and fall protection industry.

Safety should be in the culture of an organisation

Every time work is conducted at height, there is a high level of risk, and it is everyone in the organisation’s responsibility to mitigate it. Ultimately, the safety of employees lies in a system of controls that influence the decisions and actions of those in the workplace. Whilst an employer has a duty of reasonable care, responsibility also lies with the employee to work within the systems that have been designed and communicated by the company. That’s why it’s vital the culture of safety is strong enough that it is always front of mind for employees at all levels of the organisation. We at AHSS want workers to return to their homes and families at the end of each day, without injury. To achieve that, we work tirelessly to make safety a priority in the workplace. We can work with your company to monitor, design and implement solutions that can save your employee’s lives.

To prevent is to protect

When working at height, it is vital to focus first on prevention rather than fall protection. That’s because any fall, no matter how well it is controlled, carries a certain amount of risk. So where the design of a building allows, the installation of Sayfa roof guard rails and roof walkways is the best way to manage the risk posed by heights. Not only do they keep employees safe and prevent falls, they can be used to restrict access and protect the roof from wear and tear.

A Sayfa fall

If walkways are impractical because of the building’s design or the nature of work, a fall arrest system can be implemented to minimise the risk of injury. With these Sayfa systems, a fall can still occur but the distance and speed is regulated. Of course, the design of these systems is critical as the fixing must be able to withstand the force of a fall, and the roof must be high enough to ensure the worker can fall a short distance without hitting an obstruction, or the ground. That’s why the modular nature of Sayfa Systems is so important. They can be set up specifically to make every site as safe as possible.

Saving lives since 2002.

Sayfa have been saving the lives of Australia’s workers since 2002, and it’s the nature of their systems that makes them an innovator in the safety field. Because Sayfa Systems are highly customisable, it means we at AHSS can work with businesses to identify and solve safety risks with specifically tailored, easy to install solutions, rather than hoping out of the box products will meet most of the client’s needs. Remember, in an environment with such inherent danger, even the smallest risk can have disastrous consequences if left unmanaged.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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