Height Safety Services

Our height services can ensure a safe and compliant work environment for your employees.

Height safety should always be considered for any workplace. Installing the right fall prevention system will provide a compliant workplace and help prevent work-related injuries. We supply and install the full Sayfa range of fall prevention systems and rescue and recovery equipment throughout Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. All height safety equipment from the Sayfa range is tested to relevant Australian standards.

Our height services can install fall prevention systems including safety anchors, roof walkway systems, access hatches, guardrails, access ladders and much more. No matter the size or layout, we can install and provide custom-made solutions for your workplace based on its individual specifications.

Fall arrest systems

A fall arrest system is designed for when a worker free-falls through space. It literally ‘arrests’ them mid-air and prevents impact at a lower level.

Roof anchor points

Our team of expert technicians can install roof anchor points that meet the safety and compliance needs of your premises. These anchor points enable safe and easy access to your roof for service professionals such as electricians and window cleaners.

Static lines

Static lines are commonly installed as part of a roof safety system. They can be used in conjunction with a fall arrest harness to help protect workers performing tasks at great heights, especially window cleaners.

Roof guardrails

Our experienced technicians can supply and install roof guardrails that can be custom designed and manufactured to suit the individual needs of your workplace. Guardrail systems eliminate hazards, ensure height safety compliance and reduce the risk of worker injury and liability.

Roof walkway systems

Enable safe access with roof walkways from AHSS. Easy to install and lightweight yet robust, roof walkways provide a non-slip solution for your worksite needs. Suitable for most roof designs and compatible with metal decks, let our expert technicians find a roof walkway system to suit your specific applications.

Aluminium walkways

Make your roof 100 per cent safety compliant with aluminium walkways. Durable and super reliable, with the added ability to withstand any weather, it’s a cost-effective roof safety equipment solution. When you need a brilliant material for making modifications as you go, you can’t look past aluminium walkways.

Roof access and step ladders

Roof access and step ladders provide workers with access to any elevated area, including rooftops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. Access safety ladders can be installed with cages and fall arrest mechanisms for added safety. Step ladders can be installed with hand and knee rails, bridge sections, grab rails, and landing platforms.

Roof access hatches

Our team of experts can supply and install access hatches that are suitable for all property types. We offer a range of hatches from hinged to sliding types that vary in size.

Roof safety certification

For any workplace that requires personnel to work at heights, it is essential that roof safety certification and re-certification is carried out. Periodic inspections from our team can ensure your premises is a safe place to work.

Maintenance and servicing

We provide servicing and maintenance solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes to ensure they meet the high standards set by Australian height safety regulations.

Project Example

This example shows how different types of height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

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