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Fall Protection Systems in Brisbane

Australian Height Safety Services, a market leader in the design & installation of fall arrests systems throughout Brisbane. Our skilled technicians will consult with you to recommend a fall protection system that suits your workplace. They will also help reduce worker injuries by ensuring compliance.

There are many types and styles of fall arrest systems. They will vary depending on the area that will be accessed as well as any state compliance regulations. For employees who are going to be walking or working within 2 meters of a roof edge, a fall arrest system will be required.

All AHSS fall arrest systems are built in Australia to meet or exceed Australian safety standards. We use the Sayfa fall protection system range due to their commitment to safety and their quality materials.

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Brisbane Address:

Ashgrove, Clear Island Waters, QLD 4226


To get to Ashgrove, Clear Island Waters, QLD 4226 from Brisbane, follow these directions:

  • Take the M1 exit towards exit 71 for Smith St/Southport
  • Continue on Smith St
  • Turn left onto Ashmore Rd
  • Turn right onto Clear Island Waters Rd
  • Ashgrove, Clear Island Waters, QLD 4226 will be on the right

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Types of fall arrest systems:

A fall arrest system is designed for when a worker free-falls through space. It literally ‘arrests’ them mid-air and prevents impact at a lower level.

Australian Height Safety Services offer a wide range of fall arrest and fall restraint systems including:

Fall arrest system harness Brisbane

Static Lines

Static lines installed by professionals and used in conjunction with the correct fall protection harness will provide maximum protection while working from heights. This will prevent falls and protect workers from injuries.

Fall arrest system Brisbane

Roof Anchor Points

AHSS uses Sayfa Group roof safety harnesses and roof anchor points as part of our fall arrest systems. Sayfa Australia is an Australian owned company who are known for their high-quality roof access products and have a solid reputation.

Roof Anchor Points Melbourne

Project Example

This example shows how different types of fall arrest and height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

See more project examples

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