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Height Safety Access Hatch Services

A Roof Access Hatch.

A Roof Access Hatch.

Our team supply and install the Sayfa Skydore range for a compliant and low maintenance roof access and fall prevention system. Sayfa’s access hatches are suitable for all property types and include both hinged and sliding types in a range of sizes.

All Australian Height Safety Services installations are carried out by qualified professionals, including licensed plumbers. Licensed plumbers are required to achieve compliance for the installation of roof access hatches and all roof penetrations. We also provide height safety and plumbing certification once the installation has been completed.

Our process, qualifications and standard of workmanship ensure that all our installations meet and exceed Australian safety standards. Our team can also inspect and certify any existing height safety and fall prevention systems every 12 months, as required by Australian regulations.

For all roof access hatch and safety at heights enquiries, call Australian Height Safety Services on 1300 918 198.

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Sayfa Skydore Roof Access Hatch - Hinged
Sayfa Skydore Roof Access Hatch - Sliding


Roof hatch example

Project Example

A roof access hatch provides fast, convenient, and safe access to the roof from inside the building. This allows for regular maintenance of roof mounted equipment.

The guardrails surrounding the hatch also prevent personnel from falling through the open hatch.

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