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At Australian Height Safety Services, our technicians are highly trained experts who can recommend, supply and install height safety roof access ladder systems for any workplace throughout Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. We guarantee height safety compliance with our range of high-quality fall prevention products and expert installations.

We use the Sayfa range of range of roof access ladders for all our installation because of their reputation for durability and quality manufacturing. Sayfa roof access ladders, when installed by AHSS technicians, ensure worker safety at heights and minimise the risk of falls and injury.

AHSS is an industry leader in fall prevention and height safety systems. Our skilled team can deliver a fully compliant roof access system, whether your workplace only needs one ladder or a comprehensive height safety system.

For more information about pricing, installation of roof access ladders, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

View our quality range of roof access ladders and safe access ladder systems below.

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Katt Roof Ladder with Guardrails and Landing (LD 21)
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Roof Access Ladder Installation Details

At Australian Height Safety Services, we use only high-quality, Australian made roof access ladders and our expert installation technicians ensure that your height safety systems will be compliant. We have over 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of roof access ladder systems to suit the needs of commercial, residential and industrial premises.

Sayfa roof access ladders offer the highest level of fall protection and height safety available. All products are designed specifically to meet and exceed Australian safety standards.

The following are product details and specifications for Sayfa’s roof access safety ladders.

Katt Rung Roof Access Ladder Systems

KATT Rung Roof Access Ladders Description

Katt rung ladder systems are a safe and effective height safety and access system. The system allows access to any kind of elevated area, including rooftops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. Access safety ladders can be installed with cages and fall arrest mechanisms for added safety, depending on ladder height and application.


  • Prefabricated, modular components allow for fast installation with no on-site welding
  • Industrial grade aluminium for high-strength and lightweight construction
  • Maintenance free, non-corrosive material


  • Sayfa designed rung profile is comfortable and allows for easy use
  • Neat appearance with option for powder coating to match surrounding structures
  • System suits many different applications and locations

Technical specifications

  • Width: 605mm
  • Distance between stiles: 525mm
  • Rung diameter: 50 x 35mm (profiled)
  • Rung spacing: 300mm
  • Weight: 2.9kg/m (8.3kg/m for caged sections)
  • Load limit: 150kg rated

Katt safety roof access ladders are designed for permanent and frequent access to elevated platforms. The system allows for installation for a variety of applications including safe access between roof levels and mounting accessories that allow for installation on both metal and concrete structures. All components and accessories are made from industrial grade aluminium.

Alto Step Bridge

Alto Step Roof Access Ladders Description

The Alto step bridge enables fast, safe and easy traversal of rooftop obstacles and obstructions, eliminating tripping hazards. The system incorporates handrails and kneerails for additional safety and stability of the user. Alto step bridges can be installed in conjunction with roof walkways and roof guard rails for a complete roof access solution.

  • Prefabricated, modular components allow for fast installation with no on-site welding
  • Industrial grade aluminium for high-strength and lightweight construction
  • Maintenance free, non-corrosive material


  • Easy use and high level of user safety
  • Purpose built to suit required application
  • Works in conjunction with Sayfa walkways and guardrails

Technical specifications

  • Width: 650mm
  • Distance between stiles: 560mm
  • Step size: 600mm long x 100mm wide x 38mm high
  • Step spacing: 300mm

Alto step bridges are a permanent height safety solution designed for frequent use. The system can be affixed to timber, concrete, metal roofdeck or composite panels.

For any enquiries regarding our products or installation, call us on 03 9718 0322 or complete the contact form on this page.

Features and Benefits of Roof Access Ladders

Fast Installation

  • Prefabricated for easy installation, eliminating the need for onsite welding.
  • An easy option for retrofitting existing safety at heights systems in any workplace.
  • Roof access ladders can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending upon the need.


  • Many different types of roof access ladder systems to suit anyone working at heights or on surfaces with an incline.
  • Safety access ladders can be open or enclosed and provide safety for employees while they make their way to the area in which they’re working and for the safe transportation of materials.

Safety Standards

  • Made from high-quality, structural grade aluminium, designed and engineered to exceed Australian safety standards.
  • Modern manufacturing processes have resulted in versatile ladders that are extremely sturdy yet lightweight.
  • Ensures worker safety when accessing fall risk areas and preforming maintenance of roof mounted equipment.
  • Can be installed with a combination of other height safety equipment including roof access hatches, bridges, walkways, and fall arrest systems.

Roof access ladders are an essential, cost effective safety precaution that minimizes falls, complies with safety regulations, and can be combined with multiple height safety equipment elements to meet the specifications for any job. Utilizing the appropriate safety precautions minimizes the potential for expensive fines, while ensuring that any work performed at elevated height levels or inclined surfaces proceeds quickly, efficiently and safely.

roof access ladder systems

Project example: Coles Brunswick

The store needed safe and easy access to systems in the ceiling space for regular servicing and maintenance.

We installed all the necessary systems at night and in off-peak times to minimise the disruption to workers and shoppers at the busy location.

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