Roof Guardrails Brisbane 

Height Safety Guardrails for Roof Edge Protection 

Offering top-tier fall prevention and height safety systems, Australian Height Safety Services stands out as a leader in the Brisbane industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable AHSS team uses quality products to ensure we deliver fully-compliant safety systems to a broad range of clients. 

For roof safety guardrails, our pick is the Sentry line from Sayfa, chosen for their established quality, endurance, and customisability. When these guardrail systems are expertly installed, they not only eradicate potential hazards but also assure full compliance with height safety regulations and reduce the potential for worker harm and subsequent liability. 

From basic guardrails to all-inclusive height safety systems, our expert technicians have the capability to recommend, supply, and implement a fall prevention solution that matches the unique needs of any work environment or commercial premises. 

Take a look at our high-quality range of roof guardrail systems below. Should you require more information about compliance or height safety systems, please contact us here or ring the AHSS team on 1300 918 198. 

Roof Guardrails Brisbane

Roof Guardrail Installation Details 

Roof guardrails represent a fundamental element of compliant height safety systems. We at Australian Height Safety Services make use of the high-quality Sentry range for roof guardrails, ensuring we deliver height safety systems that are fully compliant and professionally installed. We are capable of designing and fabricating roof access and guardrail systems that cater to the unique needs of any workplace. 

The Sayfa Group, renowned leaders in the height safety products sector, design and manufacture the Sentry guardrails in Australia. Ensuring these products meet and exceed Australian height safety benchmarks, they’re designed to be modular, thus providing a quick and easy installation process and flexibility for diverse applications. Sentry guardrails can also be installed alongside our other product offerings, which include roof walkways and roof hatches. 

Listed below are the specific product details and specifications for Sayfa’s Sentry range of roof guardrail systems. 

Sentry Guardrails  


Featuring modular fittings, fixtures and a variety of mounting options, Sentry roof guardrails enable the seamless upgrade of existing height safety systems. Customised to meet workplace-specific needs, these guardrails can be installed for diverse purposes, from mounting on metal roofing to concrete or steel platforms. Sentry Guardrails can be utilised for: 

  • Stairways 
  • Platforms 
  • Guttering 
  • Fire escapes 
  • Roof decking 
  • Access hatches 


Features and Benefits 

Easy Installation 

  • Sentry guardrails are prefabricated, allowing for hassle-free installation and doing away with the need for welding at the site. 
  • A practical choice for upgrading existing height safety systems in any work setting. 


  • Guardrails come with a folding post assembly feature, enabling them to be conveniently folded away when not in use. 
  • The guardrails can be powder-coated to either complement the look of nearby structures or to enhance visibility. 

Safety Focused 

  • Made from top-quality structural grade aluminium, these guardrails are engineered to outperform Australian safety standards. 
  • Ensure worker safety during access to areas prone to falls and while conducting maintenance of roof-mounted apparatus. 


Technical specifications 

The Sentry system consists of post assemblies, kneerails, and handrails manufactured from extruded high-grade structural aluminium (6106/T6), coupled with universal elbow joints and end caps produced from die-cast aluminium. Accompanying this are a host of accessories designed for varied mounting options and applications. The system spans 1000mm to 11000mm above the floor surface (with kneerail at 450mm below the handrail) and observes a maximum post spacing of 2000mm. The entire system has an approximate weight of 2kg per metre. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or their installation, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 918 198 or complete the contact form on this webpage. 


Case Study: The Brighton on Bay 

A retirement community located in Brighton was in need of an inclusive strategy for safe access to roof-mounted installations and height safety equipment. Post-consultation regarding their specific height safety and access needs, we put forward and established various height safety systems, securing complete compliance. 

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