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With a strong track record in Sydney’s fall prevention and height safety sectors, Australian Height Safety Services prioritises safety and compliance. The AHSS team, leveraging years of experience, expert skills and superior products, consistently delivers fully-compliant height safety systems to a wide client base. 

Our chosen roof safety guardrail is the reputable Sentry range from Sayfa. Known for their superior quality, long-lasting durability and flexibility, these systems, when installed by our certified experts, effectively mitigate risks, ensure adherence to height safety standards, and significantly lower the likelihood of workplace injuries and associated liabilities. 

Ranging from basic guardrails to complete height safety systems, our skilled technicians are equipped to suggest, deliver, and fit a fall prevention solution that caters to the demands of any workplace or commercial property. 


Browse our high-quality catalogue of roof guardrail systems listed below. For further details about compliance or height safety systems, contact us here or give the AHSS team a call on 1300 918 198. 

Roof Guardrail Sydney

Roof Guardrail Installation Details 

Roof guardrails are integral to compliant height safety systems. Australian Height Safety Services employs the first-class Sentry range of roof guardrails, providing expertly installed and  fully compliant height safety systems. We’re also adept at designing and manufacturing custom roof access and guardrail systems to fit the needs of any workplace. 

Sentry guardrails are designed and manufactured domestically by the Sayfa Group, an industry leader in height safety products. These products are engineered and rigorously tested to not just meet, but exceed Australian height safety standards. They’re also modular by design, which means they’re easy to install and versatile for numerous applications. Furthermore, our Sentry guardrails can be seamlessly integrated with our other products like roof walkways and roof hatches. 

Find below the product specifications and details for Sayfa’s Sentry roof guardrail systems. 

Sentry Guardrails  


With their modular fixtures, fittings, and diverse mounting options, Sentry roof guardrails offer an easy method to upgrade existing height safety systems. Based on specific workplace requirements, these guardrails can be installed for various uses, such as on metal roofing or concrete or steel platforms. The versatile application of Sentry Guardrails includes: 

  • Stairways 
  • Platforms 
  • Guttering 
  • Fire escapes 
  • Roof decking 
  • Access hatches 


Features and Benefits 

Efficient Installation 

  • Pre-manufactured for ease of installation, removing the need for welding on site. 
  • Serves as a simple solution for updating current height safety systems across diverse workplaces. 


  • The folding post assembly feature allows guardrails to be neatly tucked away when not in operation. 
  • The guardrails can be powder-coated to either match the aesthetics of nearby structures or enhance visibility. 

Safety Measures 

  • Crafted from superior structural grade aluminium and engineered to exceed Australian safety regulations. 
  • Secures worker safety when accessing high-risk areas and during the upkeep of equipment mounted on the roof. 


Technical specifications 

The components of the Sentry system include post assemblies, kneerails, and handrails, all crafted from extruded high-grade structural (6106/T6) aluminium. Additionally, it incorporates universal elbow joints and end caps made from die-cast aluminium. An assortment of accessories is available for different mounting scenarios and purposes. The system extends 1000mm to 11000mm above the floor (kneerail situated 450mm beneath the handrail) and maintains a maximum post spacing of 2000mm. The total weight of the system is approximately 2kg/m. 


Should you have any enquiries concerning our products or the installation process, please ring on at 1300 918 198 or fill in the contact form located on this page. 

View Our Work: The Brighton on Bay 

A comprehensive solution was sought by the retirement community in Brighton to ensure safe access to the roof-mounted plant and height safety equipment. Upon consulting with them about their specific height safety and access needs, we proposed and implemented an array of height safety systems, ensuring they met all compliance standards. 

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