Roof Safety Certification Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

Are your premises compliant? You need roof safety re-certifications every 12 months.

Roof safety certification and re-certification are essential for any workplace that requires personnel to work at heights. Periodic inspection by a height safety professional will ensure your premises and workers are safe.

Roof safety certification

According to AS/NZS 1891.4 2009, roof safety certification must be done by a competent person before a system is used for the first time. After that, roof safety re-certification is required periodically to ensure the system is still safe and compliant.

Roof safety re-certification involves a thorough inspection of your premises by our qualified height safety technicians. They will ensure all your height safety systems are in good working order.

If there are any problems or maintenance issues, we can help you with those as well. We will provide a quote for what needs to be done to bring your premises back up to compliance throughout Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

Roof Safety Certification Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

Why is roof safety re-certification important?

Whenever personnel need to work at heights, their safety is the most important thing. Everyone is entitled to a safe working environment. Even if you already have a height safety system in place, you need to make sure it is still compliant and in good working order.

For most premises, roof safety re-certification is required every 12 months. This is an obligation which cannot be overlooked since unsafe height safety systems can cause serious injury or death.

There are also significant legal and financial ramifications for business owners if non-compliant systems lead to a workplace accident.

Why choose AHSS

At Australian Height Safety Services, we are industry leaders in the installation and certification of compliant height safety systems. We can inspect your premises and ensure the safety of your workers. We are:

  • Experienced – Australian Standards require roof safety certification be carried out by a person with sufficient training, qualification and experience to detect faults in height safety equipment and to determine remedial action. We have all that and more.
  • Compliant – We guarantee the compliance of all systems we install and certify. We fully understand all relevant Australian height safety regulations and what is required to make your premises compliant.
  • Safe – Safety is the most important thing to us. Nobody should have to face the risk of injury or death for their job. We will ensure that you and your workers can perform all of your duties safely and easily.

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