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Walkways and Roof Platform Systems

A Roof Platform.

A Roof Platform.

At Australian Height Safety Services, we have over 15 years of industry experience and use only the highest quality, Australian made products. AHSS can consult and recommend a fully compliant roof walkway system that will suit the needs of your workplace and exceed Australian height safety standards.

Our products and expert installation will ensure compliance and prevent worker injury and workplace liability. Roof walkway systems eliminate potential slip and trip hazards and protect roof sheeting when contractors need to access serviceable equipment. We use a range of aluminium walkway platforms, as well as Sayfa’s On-Trak walkway system made from premium grade polyester resin and composite fibre.

The right roof walkway will reduce the number of required fixings and roof penetrations, and cover the correct roof span and length.

At AHSS, our specialised installation technicians can deliver compliant roof access systems that will exceed Australian Safety Standards.

View our quality range of roof walkway systems below, or for more information about compliance or height safety systems call the AHSS team on 1300 918 198.

Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway (GW 8)

Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway (GW 8)

Sentry Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway with Guardrails on both sides (GW 7)

Sentry Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway on a sloped roof with Guardrails on both sides (GW 7)

Sentry Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway with Guardrail on one side (GW 5)

Sentry Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway on a sloping roof with Guardrail on one side (GW 5)

On-trak Fibre Walkway on Battens (GW 12)

On-trak Fibre Walkway on Battens (GW 12)

On-trak Fibre Walkway on Yellow Battens (GW 13)

On-trak Fibre Walkway on Yellow Battens (GW 13)

Walkway Installation Details

Australian Height Safety Services uses the Sayfa range of products, offering the highest level of height safety and fall prevention available. Our products combined with expert installation ensure a safe and compliant roof walkway system. We are also able to design and manufacture roof walkways and access systems to suit any workplace.

Sayfa Group is an Australian owned and operated company that produces high-quality fall protection and height safety equipment. Sayfa specialises in modular design, making their products quick and easy to install.

The following are product details and specifications for Sayfa’s roof walkways systems.

Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway



  • Mill finished, expanded aluminium grating
  • 600mm wide walkway
  • 4.5kg/linear metre
  • Can be installed on slopes and levelled


The Pace600 aluminium roof walkway system is a lightweight, non-corrosive roof access solution. The lightweight panels allow safe, designated access to serviceable roof mounted equipment. The material does not require maintenance, has a non-slip surface and is quick and simple to install.

The panels are fixed to spacer battens so that the walkway stands clear of the roofdeck, preventing any possible damage that comes from walking directly on the roofdeck. The fastening also prevents any galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals.

The panels are 6000mm long x 600mm wide x 13mm high and weigh 4.5kg/linear metre (6.4kg/square metre). The Pace 600 roof walkway system can also be combined with Sentry guardrails for added safety around ledges and fall risk areas.

Sentry Guardrails

Sentry Guardrails


  • Extruded structural aluminium (6106/T6)
  • 1000mm to 1100mm high
  • Approximately 2kg/m


Sentry guardrails offer an effective solution for height safety and fall prevention, made from lightweight, high strength aluminium. Sentry guardrails utilise modular fittings and fixtures that are fully adaptable and can be applied to any workplace, including easy retrofitting to existing stairways, platforms, metal roof deck or concrete and steel structures.

The system is prefabricated for easy installation so there is no need for onsite welding, the appearance of the railing is neat and can be powdercoated to match surroundings. Sentry guardrails allow for safe access to rooftop equipment, guttering, fire escapes and other fall-risk areas.

The Sentry system is comprised of post assemblies, kneerails and handrails made of extruded high grade structural (6106/T6) aluminium and universal elbow joints and end caps made from die cast aluminium. The system measures 1000mm to 11000mm above floor surface (kneerail 450mm below handrail) with a maximum post spacing of 2000mm; the whole system weighs approximately 2kg/m.

Ontrak Walkway



  • Polyester resin and fibre
  • 605mm wide walkway
  • 4.5kg/linear metre


The On-Trak fibre roof walkway system is another option for safe and compliant roof access. The material is premium grade polyester resin incorporating a composite fibre reinforced inlay, offering a multi-directional non-slip surface that is fire retardant and UV inhibited.

The maintenance-free material is non-corrosive, non-metallic and non-conductive, ensuring no galvanic reaction between the walkway system and the roof deck. Installation can be completed with the rivet fix option with no need for support battens, reducing penetrations by up to 50%, or the clip fix option which utilises TrakTite’s unique non-penetrating mounting clips.

On-Trak is available in grey for minimal visual impact or safety yellow for high-visibility. On-Trak roof walkway panels measure 3660mm long x 605mm wide x 15mm high and weigh 4.5kg/linear metre (7.5kg/square metre).

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Roof walkway example

Project Example

This simple aluminium walkway effectively eliminates trip and slip hazards to provide easy, safe access to roof mounted equipment.

The walkway also protects the roofing material from damage that can occur when personnel walk directly on the roof sheet.

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