Aluminium Walkways Brisbane

Roof aluminium walkway systems and grating designed for any project.

Aluminium is an outstanding construction material for roof walkway systems across Brisbane. It is a lightweight yet durable material that provides a robust and weather-resistant solution.

Relative to other materials, aluminium walkways are usually less expensive than those made from steel and have a longer lifespan than those constructed from fibre.

Aluminium walkways are compatible with various other height safety equipment such as guardrails, step ladders, anchor points, and additional equipment.

Aluminium Walkways Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

Costs of aluminium roof walkway materials and installation:

Australian Height Safety Services provides competitive pricing on aluminium walkways. Prices for our Aluminium walkways begin at approximately $80-$100 per linear metre. Please note that this is a rough estimate; for an accurate quote, contact our team.

Many aspects determine the complete cost of your walkway installation, including:

  • The extent and intricacy of the project
  • The premises’ location
  • Guardrail needs
  • Roof surface pitch
  • The material of the roof

Installation of Aluminium Roof Walkways

As industry leaders in height safety compliance and installation, Australian Height Safety Services employs only licensed, highly skilled plumbers. We offer comprehensive installation services across a wide range of height safety systems.

To learn more about our pricing, installation processes, or height safety in Brisbane, contact us here or call 1800 850 121 to speak with the AHSS team.

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