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Static Line, Fall Arrest Harnesses and Roof Safety Systems

Australian Height Safety Services is an industry leader in the design and installation of roof safety systems and static line systems throughout Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. Our expert technicians can consult and recommend a fall prevention system that will suit the needs of your workplace, ensuring compliance and minimising the risk of worker injuries.

Static lines, installed professionally and used with the correct fall arrest harness, will provide a safe solution and ensure maximum protection while working at heights, preventing falls and injuries.

All AHSS products are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet and exceed Australian safety standards. We use the Sayfa range of static line and rigid rail systems because of their reputation for using quality materials and their commitment to ensuring worker safety at heights.

All comprehensive height safety systems, including static lines and rigid rails, designed and installed by AHSS technicians will meet all of the fall prevention requirements for your workplace.

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View our quality range of static line systems below:

Static Lines Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney
static lines Sydney
static lines Melbourne
Sayfa Travel8 – Concrete and Steel Mount Static Line System (SL2).
static line systems Brisbane
roof static line system Melbourne
Sayfa Travel8 – Timber Mount Static Line System (SL4).
static lines Brisbane
Sayfa Raptor – Rigid Rail System Flush Mount (OH 3).

Static Line System and Rigid Rail Installation Details

Our use of the high-quality Sayfa range of height safety and fall restraint systems combined with our industry expertise will ensure regulatory compliance.

Sayfa is an Australian owned and operated company that produces the highest quality systems available, designed specifically for Australian commercial, residential and industrial premises.

The following are product details and specifications for Sayfa’s static lines and rigid rail systems:

Travel 8 Static Line System

travel 8 static line systems Description

The Travel 8 static line and roof harness system is a simple and effective height safety solution. The system provides multiple users with continuous attachment to the fall arrest system, allowing safe access to roof-mounted equipment and fall risk areas.


  • Fall arrest rated 22kN with advanced energy absorbing ability
  • Smooth intermediate pass through with the Pilot Traveller
  • Adaptable mounting options for roof deck, steel, timber and concrete structures


  • Periodic maintenance of gutters and roof edges
  • Access to roof mounted equipment
  • Can be installed in conjunction with roof walkways

Technical Specifications

  • Cable diameter: 8mm (7 x 7 strand)
  • Cable height off structure: 125mm to 150mm
  • Cable tension: 800N set with self-tensioning device
  • Intermediate spacing: 6.0m to 8.0m intervals
  • Working load limit: Up to four users per line, 120kg user weight limit including user and equipment

The Travel 8 static line system is comprised of profiled plate assemblies made of 316 stainless steel, including end stanchions, intermediates, corners, cable and connection devices. Modular componentry allows the system to be easily installed on metal roof decks, steel,

Raptor Rigid Rail

Raptor Rigid Rail Description

The Raptor overhead rail and fall restraint system uses a sealed bearing trolley and retractable lanyard to allow for effortless mobility of users while ensuring height safety. The system can also be used by multiple users simultaneously.


  • Uninterrupted, smooth functioning
  • Load spanning capabilities reduce strain on support structures
  • Minimal deflection of rail minimises fall distance


  • Fall protection above work areas
  • Safe access to elevated platforms
  • Installation beneath canopies or facades

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 4.5kg per linear metre
  • Working load limit: 180kg limit for user and equipment per trolley
  • Materials: Profiled hi-tensile aluminium rail, stainless steel trolley and bearings

The Raptor rigid rail system uses a lightweight and high strength design with minimal componentry for easy on-site installation. The fixtures are modular to suit installation to a variety of support structures, including steel and concrete. The system can be easily extended for longer span use.

Roof Anchor Points

Project Example

This example shows how different types of height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

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