The Benefits Of A Roof Walkway On Commercial Premises

Benefits of a roof walkway

The Benefits Of A Roof Walkway On Commercial Premises

The top priority of any commercial roofing workplace environment is always, always safety. Safety of your workers, safety of the building itself – everything you do should be not only safe and up to standard, but also ensure the comfort of everyone on site. There is a multitude of different safety systems out there, but one of the most beneficial for a commercial site is the roof walkway system. So, what is it? What can it offer your workplace? Let’s get into it.

This blog discusses the reasons why installing a roof walkway is a safe and smart decision for commercial roofing. For personalised advice, contact our team at Australian Height Safety Services today.

What is a Roof Walkway?

To understand what a roof walkway could offer you, you must first understand precisely was a roof walkway does. A roof walkway is essentially a structure that offers safe access to different areas while working on a roof. A walkway can provide a transportation route from point A to point B, giving workers unobstructed access to high-risk areas. Roofs are typically areas prone to high congestion, both in terms of workers and things such as equipment, gutters, and heating or cooling units.

This unimpeded access route limits congestion, while also helping to prevent falls and slips. Roof walkways can come in a variety of different non-slip materials, and these systems can be manipulated and adjusted to suit a wide variety of roof surfaces. So, here are just a few of the reasons your commercial premises will undoubtedly benefit from a roof walkway system.

1. Minimised Liability

Working on roofs is a dangerous occupation. That’s why there are so many essential safety laws and guidelines in place to ensure that working from a height doesn’t put any of your team at unnecessary risk. When working on a slick roof, the danger is considerably heightened, and other factors such as sloping and weather conditions can easily make your workplace a considerable liability. Falls, trips, and slips pose a serious liability to commercial roofs – but there are safety measures you can be putting in place to lessen this risk.

Installing a walkway ensures that workers have a stable, non-slip surface to walk across when working at a height. Stable and protected walkways greatly minimise the risk of a severe fall taking place – not only protecting your workers, but protecting your company from a disaster that could shut it down. Walkways can further increase protection by being paired with measures such as handrail systems and strong access points.

2. Increased Roof Lifespan

Walking on roofs causes damage. This certainly shouldn’t be a surprise. The roof of a commercial building is particularly vulnerable, as it is essentially made of a waterproofing membrane covering a layer of insulation. It’s built to keep out moisture and maintain an appropriate temperature – not to be continuously walked over by a team of workers. Wearing down waterproof layers of roofing alone is problematic, but in severe cases, traffic can even cause the seams between roof panels to come apart entirely.

Although many roofing companies will educate employees on ways to safely access a roof without damage, or come up with systems to minimise too much traffic at once, these strategies aren’t as effective as they could be. In the long term, there is still plenty of opportunity for eventual damage and potential blame for your company. The only way to can prevent damage to a roof is to prevent your workers from walking on it.

3. Easier Roof Work

Your commercial operation doesn’t solely rely on your team of workers. The equipment and machinery needed up on a roof to provide great quality work is key to an efficient workplace. Creating an easy way to walk across a roof means safer, easier access to equipment. Quick to transport, easy to manoeuvre, and providing your workers the confidence and safety to perform their duties.

On top of that, roof maintenance plays a huge role in protecting a commercial roof. Having a roof walkway system in place makes maintaining the state of your roof that much easier. Surveying, inspecting, and cleaning any infrastructure becomes a seamless task with a solid walkway in place. Why not choose to make any work your roof needs endlessly safer and simpler for workers? A commercial roof walkway is an investment that will pay off for some time.

Get a Free Quote for Your Roof Walkway

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to roof work. These benefits are just a glimpse into why walkways are essential to a safe commercial roof. If you’re considering a roof walkway system for your upcoming commercial roofing project, the decision should be easy. Contact Australian Height Safety Services today, and we’ll get you on track to find the perfect walkway system for whatever commercial roof you’re working in. Get your free quote today.


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