The Benefits of Static Line Systems

benefits of static line systems

The Benefits of Static Line Systems

Working from a height can present considerable risk. Through the use of appropriate, compliant equipment however, this risk can be greatly minimised. One of the most effective and versatile height safety solutions is a static line system.

A static line system incorporates an anchor point, a harness and a lanyard, allowing the worker to remain connected to the structure at all times. If a worker were to fall, the static line system would activate, catching the worker and preventing them from reaching a lower point. There are many benefits to a static line system as discussed below:

Greatly Minimises Injury Risk

The most important benefit of a static line is that it provides a reliable safety system and protects workers. Falls from a roof can cause life changing injury and death. With height safety equipment like static lines, the safety of workers is greatly improved, creating a better work environment.

Can be Mounted to a Range of Surfaces

A static line is versatile and able to be implemented on a range of structures and surfaces including concrete, wood and steel. This means a structure which consists of multiple surfaces can utilise a static line.

Weather Resistant

A static line is constructed of weather resistant materials and can be used in a number of settings. This also makes them highly durable.

Can be Used on Lightweight Structures

Some static line systems can be used on a range of lightweight structures. They are highly versatile, able to suit a number of worksites.  

Multiple Workers

It is common for more than one worker to be required on the roof. Thankfully, static line systems are able to accommodate multiple workers, providing one safety solution for many.

Absorbs Energy Generated from a Fall

A static line system is designed to absorb kinetic energy created by a falling person. The system is constructed to not place extra force and stress onto the operator or the system itself.  

Is a static line system the safety solution you are searching for?

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