The ultimate guide to roof anchor points

guide to roof anchor points

The ultimate guide to roof anchor points

Why you need roof anchor points when working at heights

Working at heights is fraught with danger. Falls from heights kill approximately 26 workers and injure another 7,700 each year in Australia. If you or your employees are required to work at heights, having the right roof anchor points is essential to prevent fall fatalities.

All workers are entitled to a safe working environment – and what’s more, as a business owner, you may be criminally liable if your safety systems are noncompliant. Unfortunately, anchor point selection is not as straightforward as simply finding a solid-looking anchor and attaching your lanyard to it. Not all roof anchor points are created equal, and anchor point selection is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

What is a roof anchor point?

A roof anchor point is generally used in tandem with other height safety personal protection equipment (PPE) such as harnesses or lanyard fall protection systems. Both permanent and temporary anchor points are available. A correctly installed anchor point will protect you or your employees from fall hazards.

 roof anchor pointsThe key considerations for anchor point selection are:

  • What type of forces are the anchor points required to withstand?
  • What type of anchor points can your lanyard safely connect to?
  • What type of work are you preparing to perform?

Another important consideration is what part of the roof you are going to attach your anchor point to. At Australian Height Safety Services, we can help you with that. Our team of expert technicians are happy to recommend various roof anchor points that will meet the safety and compliance needs of your premises.

What are the different types of roof anchor points?

Roof anchor points can be used for two primary purposes or systems.

A fall arrest system is designed for when a worker free-falls through space. It literally ‘arrests’ them mid-air and prevents impact at a lower level.

A rope access system is designed for fall protection where conventional methods won’t work – for example, at heights. It allows workers to descend, ascend and traverse ropes all while suspended by a harness or work seat.

At AHSS, we sell anchor points for these two primary purposes, at two different price points.

Our roof anchor point pricing is as follows:

  • $200 per anchor point for design and installation of a fall arrest system.
  • $300-$350 per anchor point for design and installation of a rope access system.

As discussed, anchor points can be permanent or temporary, but the requirements for both are identical.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) defines the parameters for a safe anchorage point as follows:

“Anchorages to which personal fall arrest equipment is attached shall be capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN) per employee attached, or shall be designed, installed, and used as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a safety factor of at least two, under the supervision of a qualified person.

The anchorage should be rigid, and should not have a deflection greater than .04 inches (1 mm) when a force of 2,250 pounds (10 kN) is applied.”

Ultimately, selecting the best anchor point is all about determining what type of anchorage point is most suitable for the work you need to carry out, as well as what amount of weight it can support. That’s why Oboyle’s chose AHSS for their roof anchor points.

Who makes the best roof anchor points?

A number of different manufacturers make roof anchor points, but at AHSS, we exclusively use the Sayfa Group range of products for all of our installations.

That’s because Sayfa anchors are manufactured, batch tested and numbered to provide full traceability from manufacture through to installation. They also offer the best quality, safety standards and technical support.

All Sayfa anchor points and anchorage systems are fall arrest rated (22kN), constructed from stainless steel, and ideally suited to personnel working at heights.

Our favourite Sayfa anchor points include:


The Sayfa 3Sixty Top Mount. A surface mount anchor, it has a 360-degree swivel, which allows for easier access and movement for the person harnessed. It also provides uniform load distribution to the anchor plate, which makes it perfect for lighter structures and roof decks.

AP123-10The Sayfa Low-Pro Steel Purlin Mount. This anchor provides quick and easy retrofit installation to metal purlin structures and is suitable for standard, corrugated and span deck roof profiles as it can be fixed into the roof structure. It can also be used as a primary abseil anchor points.

If you need anchorage to concrete or hard natural stone, then the Sayfa Xplora Concrete Mount Anchor is your best option.

How do I choose the right roof anchor point?

When choosing an anchor point, there are a few things to remember:

  • A steel member is always preferable.
  • Wood must be engineer-certified.
  • Anchor bolts should be inspected by a professional.
  • So should through-bolts and plate washers.
  • Equipment including eyebolts, turnbuckles, concrete imbeds and beam clamps may be used in conjunction with anchor points.
  • It should also be carefully inspected and evaluated for load-bearing capacity.

It is critical to take note of unsuitable anchor points and to avoid them. Any item or structure not capable of meeting OSHA structural load requirements should be shunned.

You must also think about whether anchor points have energy-absorbing properties if you need something that is flexible enough to be used for domestic, commercial and industrial construction.

At Australian Height Safety Services, we can inspect your premises, and recommend and install compliant height safety equipment. To organise a site inspection and quote, call us on 1300 854 217.

Why choose AHSS?

Australian Height Safety ServicesAt Australian Height Safety Services, we have more than 25 years of experience in height safety and fall prevention. Our installation technicians are all licensed and highly experienced in the industry. We guarantee the compliance of all AHSS fall prevention systems.

Through the expert installation of high-quality Sayfa products, we can help you meet and exceed Australian height safety standards and regulations. The clever design and engineering behind Sayfa’s roof anchor points is second-to-none, and our team can skillfully install their full range of anchor products to ensure proper height safety compliance.

Whether you need an anchorage solution for roof edge protection, gutter cleaning, rooftop equipment maintenance, facade access, window cleaning or abseil use, our competitive roof anchor point prices can provide long-lasting support. In addition to anchor point installation, we can assist you with general height safety issues, and check if your existing safety system meets the AS/NZS 1891.4 standards.

Height safety regulations are not just a formality – the risks of non-compliance are frighteningly real.

Call AHSS today on 1300 854 217 for more information or to book a roof anchor safety service.

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