What sort of equipment do I need for height safety?

Height safety equipment

What sort of equipment do I need for height safety?

Make sure you and your workers are covered

There are so many different types of height safety equipment; it can be hard to distinguish your roof guardrails from your aluminium walkways if you don’t work in the industry or use height safety products every day. But one thing’s for sure—working at any height requires reliable height safety equipment to safeguard you from falls, injuries, and fatalities.

Therefore it’s crucial that your height safety systems are approved and accredited, as Safe Work Australia specifies that height risk assessment is essential for working at any height. Roof certification is required for all height safety systems, and recertification of these safety systems is required every 12 months. Business owners are liable if safety systems are noncompliant, so it’s important to be informed about the responsible selection, use, and maintenance of industrial height access and fall arrest systems.

Need to ensure your building meets Australia’s mandatory requirements? Call AHSS today on 1300 854 217 to book a roof certification or recertification.

Height safety equipment

Height safety systems are only as good as the people using them, so you should make sure that you and your workers are familiar with different types of height safety products and equipment. Depending on the fall hazards that are present and the type of work that is carried out on your premises, a comprehensive height safety system may require the installation of several different types of height safety equipment.

For example, roof anchor points are generally used in tandem with other height safety personal protective equipment (PPE), such as harnesses or lanyard fall protection systems. At AHSS, we offer both permanent and temporary anchor points. Some of the other height safety products we offer include access hatches, walkway systems, static lines, and step ladders.

Height safety equipment must always be inspected before and after it is used. The table below may offer assistance in ensuring correct use and function of roof safety solutions for your workplace.

Static line systems must be inspected and maintained every six to 12 months alongside personal protection equipment (PPE). Our servicing and maintenance solutions include assessing and verifying the performance of static lines to ensure height safety compliance. To learn more about what’s required and request a service quote, contact us today.

Roof anchor points


Roof anchor points help protect you and your workers from fall hazards. They can be used for two primary purposes: a fall arrest system designed to ‘catch’ a worker if they free-fall through space, and a rope access system that allows workers to descend, ascend, and traverse ropes while suspended by a harness or work seat. Each roof access installation is different, but an anchor point installation typically involves around 14 anchor points, as well as other height safety systems. We can help you choose roof anchor points that will meet the safety and compliance needs of your premises. Learn about our roof anchor point pricing, and check out our ultimate guide to roof anchor points. Roof anchor points need testing and recertifying every six to 12 months, depending on which state you operate in. We can provide a detailed quote for your premises—drop us a message, or call us on 1300 941 211 to get more information about height safety compliance.
Roof access hatches When you need convenient access to your rooftop facilities, you can’t go wrong with a roof hatch access system. We can supply and install hinged and sliding systems in a range of sizes that boast full compliance with Australian Safety Standards. All roof access installations must be carried out by qualified professionals to achieve compliance. At AHSS, our expert team includes licensed plumbers who will provide you with height safety and plumbing certification following installation. We recommend sliding access hatches—find out why. A roof access hatch system allows for regular maintenance of roof-mounted equipment and should also be regularly maintained. Our team can inspect and recertify any existing roof access hatch systems every 12 months, as required by Australian regulations.
Roof guardrails Roof guardrail systems offer excellent protection against the risk of falls and injuries. From simple guardrails to fully-integrated height safety systems, our expert technicians can recommend, supply, and install a fall prevention solution to suit the needs of any premises. Roof guardrails are an essential part of compliant height safety systems. We can design and customise systems to meet the needs of any workplace. Roof guardrails use modular fittings, fixtures, and mounting options and can be used to easily upgrade existing height safety systems. Learn more. Engineered for structural soundness, roof guardrails require no real ongoing maintenance. All AHSS installations come with roof safety installation certifications and warranties. Our roof safety guardrail of choice is the Sentry range from Sayfa, which is manufactured with high-grade aluminium for application on any roof surface, with permanent or fold-down options available.
Roof walkway systems Designed to ensure height safety compliance and prevent worker injury and workplace liability, walkway systems offer a long-lasting solution to potential slip and trip hazards. Our specialised installation technicians can deliver compliant roof access systems that meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards. No matter what your roof type is, there’s a height safety walkway solution to suit it. The right roof walkway installation should reduce the number of required fixings and roof penetrations, and cover the correct roof span and length. At AHSS, we use Sayfa’s range of products because they provide the highest level of height safety and fall prevention available. Learn when and why roof walkways are required. A professionally installed walkway system is virtually maintenance-free, always ready for use, and built to last. Within the Australian hierarchy of controls, roof walkways are preferred by state workplace safety authorities over nearly all other types of fall prevention systems, including roof anchor points, static lines, and step ladders. They are an incredibly versatile height safety solution—chat with us today about how we can customise a roof walkway system to suit your specific applications.
Roof access ladders Roof access ladders offer a safe and permanent means of rooftop entry for you and your workers. Engineered to support substantial loads, roof access ladders can be custom-made to meet the exact requirements of your work-site or building. When installed by AHSS technicians,
Sayfa roof access ladders ensure worker safety at heights, and minimise the risk of falls and injuries. Our skilled team can deliver a fully compliant roof access system—whether your workplace needs just one ladder or a comprehensive height safety system. View our complete range of ladder and access products.
Routine maintenance, testing, and certification of all height safety and access systems is important, and roof access ladders are no exception. Our expert installation process ensures that your roof access ladder system will be compliant. We also provide annual maintenance, inspection, testing, and certification services for permanently installed systems. For more information on roof access safety ladders, or to get a quote, call us on 1300 854 217.

Static lines Static line systems provide safe access and fall protection across roof surfaces and other elevated areas through continuous attachment. They are often used to enable periodic maintenance of gutters and roof edges, provide easy access to roof-mounted equipment, and complement roof walkway systems. Static line and rigid rail systems are quick to install and suitable for use across Australian commercial, residential, and industrial premises. Modular componentry allows these systems to be secured to metal roof decking, steel, or concrete structures using a range of permanent mounting fixtures.
Step ladders Everyone knows what a step ladder is, but did you know they can be customised and purpose-built to meet the requirements of any premises, and maintain a low visual profile? Components that make up our Sayfa step ladder range include hand and knee rails, bridge sections, grab rails and landing platforms, as well as safety cage sections. Our expert installation of high-quality Sayfa step ladders is informed by the high standards set by Australian height safety regulations. Their lightweight aluminium construction is strong, low maintenance, and non-corrosive—making them suitable for internal or external use. Ladders should be regularly inspected and maintained by a competent person to make sure they are still safe to use. We can take this task off your hands. Ladder repairs should only be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once again, we can help.

To see real-life examples of our height safety products in action, check out our project portfolio.

Learn more about height safety compliance

At AHSS, we pride ourselves in being experts when it comes to the safety measures required for working at heights. We are proactive in protecting the security and well-being of all front-line workers who use our fall prevention systems. That’s why we only use the highest quality products that have been manufactured to meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards.

Our team of expert technicians can recommend and install the right height safety equipment to meet your worksite or building’s safety and compliance needs. Whether it’s for abseil use or fall protection, you’re in safe hands with us.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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