Project Example: Coles Brunswick – Roof Access Ladders

Roof access safety ladders can be installed inside or outside the premises.

The Coles supermarket in Brunswick is a busy location with loyal customers. Any installations would need to accommodate the regular store trading hours with minimal interruptions to workers and shoppers.

The Problem

Roof access safety ladders The Coles Brunswick store required safe access to a money chute system located in the ceiling space for regular maintenance. Access to the system was difficult and unsafe due to inadequate access and walkways in the ceiling space.

The cash chute system is a vital part of the daily operations of the store and requires periodic maintenance. The Coles facility management team at City Holdings contacted AHSS for our expert opinion on how safe and compliant roof access ladders could be used to reach the system.

The Solution

roof access ladder systemWe needed to ensure that technicians could access the area easily and safely as well as work safely on a stable platform once in the ceiling space.

The solution was to install a folding roof access ladder system for safe access to the ceiling space and a suspended aluminium working platform to create a safe working environment for regular maintenance.

When unfolded, the bottom of the ladder is in the deli section of the Coles Brunswick store. We were able to cater to the busy store needs by performing the works at night and in off-peak times. The result was a fully compliant and easy to use system for technicians to perform repairs and maintenance.

Installation Details

  • 1 x 2800 VISTA fold down roof access ladder system.
  • 1 x 1000mm x 1000mm suspended aluminium safe working platform.

Benefits for Coles Brunswick

  • Height safety and WorkSafe compliance.
  • Safe and easy access to cash chute system for technicians.
  • Improved lifespan of cash chute system due to regular maintenance and faster repairs.

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