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Anchor Points

A Roof Anchor Point.

At Australian Height Safety Services, we are industry leaders in the design and installation of fall prevention and height safety systems. Our team of expert technicians can consult and recommend roof anchor points that will meet the safety and compliance needs of your premises.

AHSS uses the Sayfa Group range of roof anchor points for all our installations. Sayfa is an Australian owned and operated company with an industry reputation for engineering and manufacturing the highest quality roof access products available.

Sayfa’s products combined with the expert installation of AHSS technicians will ensure height safety compliance and minimise the risk of worker injury.

See our roof anchor point pricesFor more information about pricing, installation or safety at heights, call the AHSS team on 1300 918 198.

View our quality range of roof anchor points below.

Steel Purlin Mount Anchor Point.

Sayfa Low-pro – Steel Purlin Mount Anchor Points

Through Bolt Anchor Point.

Sayfa XPlora – Through Bolt Concrete Anchor Points (AP124)

Top Mount Anchor Point.

Sayfa 3Sixty – Top Surface Mount Anchor Points (AP130.10)

Top Mount Abseil Anchor Point

Sayfa XPlora – Top Surface Mount Abseil Anchor Points

Installing Roof Anchor Points

We guarantee the compliance of all AHSS fall prevention systems through the expert installation of high-quality Sayfa products.

Sayfa Group’s products are designed and engineered specifically to meet and exceed Australian height safety standards and regulations.

Low Pro Roof Anchor System

Low-Pro Anchor Points


The Low Pro roof anchor system allows for safe access to roof edges and fall risk areas. This allows for easy and safe maintenance of gutters and roof mounted equipment as well as rope access to facade and windows when used in pairs.


  • Fall arrest rated to 15 kN
  • Rope access rated to 12kN
  • Flange combinations to suit varied roof decks


  • High grade 316 stainless steel anchor assembly
  • EPDM rubber penetration seal
  • Easy installation with no on-site welding

Technical specifications

  • Length: 165mm
  • Eyebolt diameter: 60mm OD, 35mm ID
  • Threaded rod: N16 x 100mm
  • Flange: 70mm

Low Pro roof anchor points attach to roof purlins. Substrate requirements and appropriateness to be determined by a competent person prior to installation.

Xplora Roof Anchor System

Xplora Concrete Anchor Points


Xplora roof anchor systems are available as concrete roof anchors and surface mounted roof deck anchors. The system allows for safe access to roof mounted plant and equipment, maintenance of gutters and roof edges and rope access to facade and windows.


  • 15-22kN rating depending on installation
  • Usable for roof access and rope access to facade and windows for maintenance and cleaning
  • 100mm penetration for concrete anchor installation allows for increased load performance


  • High-strength stainless steel construction
  • Option for removable eye bolt with end cap to eliminate trip hazard when not in use
  • Deformed shank concrete anchor allows for easy flow of chemical epoxy for glued in anchors

Technical specifications

  • Eyebolt length: 100mm
  • Eyelet inside diameter: 35mm
  • Profiled swivel eye: 125mm long x 50mm wide
  • Working load limit: single user, 12kN rope access use, 15-22kN fall arrest use.

3Sixty Roof Anchor System

3 Sixty Roof Anchor Points System


The Sayfa 3Sixty roof anchor system utilises an energy absorbing swivel eye which prevents snap hook roll-out, providing uniform load distribution to the anchor plate. This allows for easy mobility of the user and safe access to roof edges for guttering and edge flashing maintenance as well as roof mounted plant and equipment.


  • 360-degree rotation of eyelet allows for easy use and prevents snap hook roll-out
  • Energy absorbing eyelet reduces the load on operator and roof structure in the event of a fall, allowing attachment to light grade structures
  • Stainless steel profiled plate has multiple fixing locations and provides uniform weight distribution to the anchor plate


  • Base plate and swivel eye made of high-strength profiled stainless steel
  • Profiled dome allows free rotation of the eyelet with no interference with the roof deck rib
  • Installation suits varying roof deck pitch and both screw and rivet fixing

Technical specifications

  • Height: 50mm
  • Plate size: 290mm x 285m
  • Weight: 1.05kg (excluding fixings)
  • Working load limit: single person use
  • Fall arrest rating: 15kN

Examples of height safety equipment

Project Example

This example shows how different types of height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

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