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Aluminium roof walkway systems for any premises

Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway (GW 8)

Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway (GW 8)

Aluminium is an excellent construction material for roof walkways systems. It is a lightweight material which offers a robust, weather resistant solution.

When compared to other materials, aluminium walkways are typically cheaper than steel and offer greater longevity than fibre walkways.

Aluminium walkways can be used in conjunction with other types of height safety equipment, including guardrails, step ladders, anchor points, and more.

For materials and installation costs, refer to our aluminium walkways pricing page.

Aluminium roof walkway installation

Australian Height Safety Services are industry leaders in height safety compliance and installation. Our technicians are all highly experienced, licensed plumbers. We offer installation services for a range of different height safety systems.

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