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Height & Roof Safety Step Ladders

At Australian Height Safety Services, our experienced technicians can recommend, design and install height safety step ladders to meet the requirements of any premises throughout Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. Our high-quality products and expert installation ensure compliance and minimise the risk of worker injury.

AHSS exclusively uses Australian made products that are specifically engineered to meet and exceed Australian height safety standards. We use the Sayfa range of step ladders because they have an industry reputation for the design and manufacture of top-quality height safety systems.

All fall prevention systems designed and installed by AHSS are comprehensive and ensure compliance with Australian regulations.

For more information about installation, pricing or safety at heights, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 1800 850 121

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Roof Step Ladders Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney
Roof Step Ladder Melbourne
Roof Step Ladder Sydney
Roof Step Ladder Brisbane

Roof Step Ladder Installation Details

Australian Height Safety Services guarantee regulatory compliance through our expert installation and our use of high-quality Sayfa Systems step ladders.

Sayfa Systems is an Australian owned and operated company that has a long history of producing the highest quality fall prevention systems available.

Alto Height Safety Step Ladders


Alto step ladders provide safe and easy access to elevated platforms and rooftops, allowing for regular preventative maintenance of roof-mounted equipment. The Alto system is suited to a range of applications with the use of the correct modular components required for each situation. Components that make up the Alto system include hand and kneerails, bridge sections, grabrail and landing platform, and safety cage sections.


  • The Alto step bridge allows for safe traversal of rooftop obstacles, across voids and between varying roof levels.
  • The Alto step ladder with safety cage allows for effective fall prevention when accessing elevated platforms and roofs.
  • Mounting options for timber, concrete, metal roofdeck and composite panels.


  • Componentry is prefabricated and modular to allow for fast installation without the need for on-site welding
  • Industrial grade aluminium allows for construction that is high-strength and lightweight
  • Material is maintenance free and non-corrosive


  • Customised and purpose-built to suit a variety of applications
  • Designed to ensure user safety and provide easy use
  • Can be installed along with Sayfa walkways and guardrails for comprehensive height safety

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 650mm
  • Distance between stiles: 560mm
  • Step size: 600mm long x 100mm wide x 38mm high
  • Step spacing: 300mm
  • Weight capacity: 150kg

Alto step ladders and bridges are comprised of modular, high-strength componentry to create permanent height safety systems that are compliant with Australian regulations.

step ladder and guardrail system

Project Examples

This step ladder and guardrail system was installed to provide safe access to the church roof for regular maintenance.

The step ladder and guardrails were also powder coated brown to match the bricks of the building, providing a low visual impact.

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