Project Example: The Brighton on Bay – Roof Guardrails

Roof guardrail systems provide safe access for regular maintenance needs.

The Brighton on Bay is a Lendlease retirement community in the heart of Brighton North. It provides independent living for its residents with cafes and shops right on the doorstep.

The Brighton on Bay – Roof GuardrailsThe problem

The Brighton on Bay required new height safety systems to allow for safe access to roof mounted plant and equipment, including air conditioning units and skylights. The existing systems were insufficient for the size of the roof and the areas which personnel needed access to.

Lendlease contacted AHSS for our height safety expertise and to ensure that their premises were compliant with all relevant Australian regulations.

The solution

aluminium roof guardrailsTo ensure safe and compliant access to all required areas of the roof, we installed a variety of height safety systems, including over 200 linear metres of roof guardrail systems.

We installed aluminium roof guardrails to the entire perimeter of the roof as well as one parapet ladder for access between roof levels and two access gates in the roof guardrails for access to the skylights.

The result was compliant and safe access to all roof mounted equipment, allowing Lendlease to perform regular maintenance and repairs as necessary.

Installation details:

  • 1 x 3600mm aluminium parapet roof access ladder system.
  • 12 L/M of aluminium roof guardrail systems at the top and bottom of the ladder.
  • 200 L/M of aluminium roof guardrails on the roof perimeter.
  • 2 x access gates installed into the roof guardrails to allow access to skylights.

The benefits for Lendlease:

  • Height safety compliance.
  • Fast and safe roof access for personnel and technicians.
  • Improved lifespan of roof mounted plant and equipment due to easy regular maintenance.

For more information about roof guardrail systems or to get a quote, call AHSS on 1300 854 217.

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