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As industry forerunners in fall prevention and height safety systems, Australian Height Safety Services consistently delivers safe and compliant solutions throughout Melbourne. Backed by a wealth of experience, knowledge, and quality products, our AHSS team provides safety systems that meet all regulations for a variety of clients. 

We choose to use the Sentry range from Sayfa for our roof safety guardrails, a decision based on their proven quality, robustness and adaptability. The installation of Sentry roof guardrail systems by our trained professionals aids in hazard reduction, guarantees compliance with height safety rules, and decreases the chance of employee injury and potential liability. 

Whether it’s straightforward guardrails or comprehensive height safety systems, our experienced technicians are skilled at advising on, providing and installing a fall prevention solution that aligns with the specific requirements of any work site or commercial property. 

Explore our premium selection of roof guardrail systems below. For additional information regarding compliance or height safety systems, contact us here, or speak to the AHSS team on 1300 918 198. 

Roof Guardrail Melbourne

Roof Guardrail Installation Details 

Roof guardrails form a crucial component of height safety systems that meet compliance standards. At Australian Height Safety Services, we utilise the superior Sentry range of roof guardrails, delivering fully compliant safety systems with professional installation. Additionally, we possess the capability to design and create roof access and guardrail systems tailored to the requirements of any work environment. 

Sentry guardrails are conceived and crafted in Australia by Sayfa Group, pioneers in the realm of height safety products. Sayfa’s products are not only designed to meet but also surpass Australian height safety norms. They are also modular in design, which facilitates swift installation and adaptability across a broad range of applications. Additionally, Sentry guardrails can be incorporated with our other offerings, such as roof walkways and roof hatches. 

Outlined below are the product details and specifications for the Sentry roof guardrail systems, provided by Sayfa. 


Sentry Guardrails  


Sentry roof guardrails, designed with modular fittings, fixtures, and mounting possibilities, provide an easy solution to enhance current height safety systems. Depending on the unique needs of each workplace, these guardrails can be installed for a myriad of applications, such as attachment to metal roofs or concrete and steel platforms. Suitable areas for Sentry Guardrail installation include: 

  • Stairways 
  • Platforms 
  • Guttering 
  • Fire escapes 
  • Roof decking 
  • Access hatches 


Features and Benefits 

Quick Installation 

  • Sentry guardrails come prefabricated, simplifying the installation process and negating the need for onsite welding. 
  • They offer an effortless solution for updating existing safety systems at any workplace. 


  • Sentry guardrails feature a folding post assembly option, enabling them to be compactly stored when not required. 
  • They can be powder-coated to either blend with nearby structures or stand out for enhanced visibility. 

Safety Compliance 

  • Constructed from high-grade structural aluminium, Sentry guardrails are designed to surpass Australian safety standards. 
  • They provide safety assurance for workers when accessing areas at risk of falls and while carrying out maintenance on roof-mounted equipment. 


Technical specifications 

The Sentry system is comprised of post assemblies, kneerails, and handrails, all fabricated from extruded high-grade structural aluminium (6106/T6), in conjunction with universal elbow joints and end caps made from die-cast aluminium. The system is complemented with a variety of accessories for diverse mounting options and applications. The measurements range from 1000mm to 11000mm above the floor surface (with kneerail positioned 450mm below the handrail) and a maximum post spacing of 2000mm. The entire system weighs roughly 2kg per metre. 

For any questions or queries related to our products or their installation, feel free to call us on 1300 918 198 or fill out the contact form on this page. 


Example Project: The Brighton on Bay  

A Brighton-based retirement community required a holistic approach to ensuring safe access to roof-mounted machinery and height safety equipment. Following a thorough analysis of their height safety and access requirements, we suggested and fitted a range of height safety systems to guarantee compliance. 

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