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    Guard Rails & Walkways

    What’s the difference between fibre and aluminium roof walkways?

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    Height Safety

    Height safety regulations protect everyone – Not just workers

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    Anchor Points, Static Lines, All

    Retractable or rope grab systems for industrial sites: What are my options?

You can be confident that Australian Height Safety Services will take care of all your roof safety requirements. We offer design and installation of all Fall Protection solutions, from static lines, roof guardrails, access ladders to roof walkway systems. Browse our products and services or contact us today.

Roof Anchor Points

Correctly installed roof anchor points allow workers at heights to attach themselves to a secure spot on the roof ...
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Static Lines

Static lines allow workers to secure themselves to it and allow them the ability to move safely alongside it ...
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Roof Guardrails

Guardrails are an essential component of making a roof safe and are can ensure work safety in fall risk areas ...
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Roof Walkways

Roof walkway systems eliminate slip and trip hazards and protect roof sheeting when contractors need to walk over roofs ...
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Roof Access Ladders

Our roof access ladders are guaranteed to be height safety compliant with our quality products and expert installations ...
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Roof Access Hatches

Height Safety Access Hatch Services Our team supply and install the Sayfa Skydore range for a compliant and low maintenance ...
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