Roof Walkways provide an elevated level of safety

Roof Walkways provide an elevated level of safety

Roof walkway systems are an integral part of maintaining safety and preventing falls when working on any elevated surface. Whether individuals are working on a flat roof or one with an incline, falls represent a major cause of serious injury, disability and death in the workplace.

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There are numerous ways in which falls occur when working on an elevated surface. They can happen when individuals are working near a roof opening, on the edge of a structure, and on an uneven or unstable surface. Increasingly higher roofs, as residential and business structure rise in height, exacerbate the problem.

Thousands of falls are reported each year, with occupations in the construction and related industries accounting for 37 percent of all fatalities. Rooftop walkway systems provide workers with an important safety precaution, and employers with a way to minimize injuries and prevent damage to roofing surfaces. A rooftop walkway can be combined with a number of other safety equipment options.

Rooftop walkway systems provide workers with a stable, non-slip surface that can be positioned in multiple ways to accommodate a wide variety of specific needs and requirements. They can be used as temporary walkways for short-term jobs and they’re equally applicable as long-term solutions. They’re highly resistant to rust and degradation due to environmental factors that include UV rays.

The systems meet all safety standards, and multiple types of options and set-ups are available. Walkways can be used as a stand-alone option or in combination with other types of safety equipment, including guardrails, access hatches, roof access ladders and static lines. Rooftop walkways are offered in grey for locations that require a low profile, along with high-visibility yellow.

They’re especially attractive for contractors as they’re highly cost effective, require very little maintenance, and are able to accommodate high-load capacities. They’re sturdy yet lightweight, making it easy to move them, whenever and wherever needed, and they stand clear of surfaces to prevent even accidental damage to the roof.

No matter how careful employees may be, the potential always exists for a fall when working at heights. Roof walkway systems provide a stable surface from which to work that minimizes the risk of falls and injuries, making them an essential safety precaution on any job.

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