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Fall Protection Systems in Sydney

Australian Height Safety Services has a reputation for designing and installing exceptional fall arrest systems in Sydney. Our technicians can consult with you and recommend the right fall arrest system for your workplace. This will ensure compliance and reduce the chance of workers being injured.

Our industry experience allows us to create height safety systems that ensure a safe working environment. Whether it’s an industrial, residential, or commercial building, reducing the fall risk in any work area is our top priority.

Fall Arrest Systems

At Australian Height Safety Services, we have many options for fall arrest systems. A fall arrest system is designed to stop a person’s fall. This is usually done by wearing a harness that is anchored to the correct point, catching the person and preventing impact with the ground.

The best type of fall arrest system for you depends on the applicable compliance regulations and the access points available. Fall arrest systems are required for employees who work or walk within two metres of a roof’s edge.

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Fall Arrest Harness Sydney

We offer a range of fall arrest systems in Sydney, including static lines and roof anchor point systems. Both methods utilise harnesses to prevent workers from impacting the ground if they fall.

Static lines

Static Lines

This system is designed to allow multiple workers safe access to the fall arrest equipment, with an easy installation process that is ideal to suit your work safety needs. We use our expertise to find the perfect location for your safety system.

Roof anchor points

Roof Anchor Points

This system provides two unique benefits: A fall arrest system designed to catch workers and a rope access system designed for heights. Our experts can identify the best anchor points for this system to catch people if they fall.

Rope Access System

Rope Access System

A rope access system can be installed at the same time as the anchor points. This allows workers to ascend, descend, and cross ropes while attached to a harness. This method is used for extreme heights where regular systems cannot be applied, giving workers height safety protection and preventing falls.

These lightweight systems offer a solution to roof maintenance, providing ideal protection and safety measures to ensure your workers have safe roof access. With either system, inertia reels can be implemented to arrest falls almost immediately after they occur.

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Fall Arrest System Benefits

All AHSS Fall Arrest Systems are manufactured in Australia to comply with Australian safety standards. We chose the Sayfa range because they are known for their high-quality materials and their dedication to worker safety at heights.

At Australian Height Safety Services, we provide the latest in height safety equipment, installed quickly and efficiently to provide you with the best height safety solution.

With easy maintenance measures to ensure your fall arrest systems are secure and ready for use, our equipment is the right choice for your industry safety or rescue equipment needs.


Fall Arrest System Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fall arrest and restraint systems?

Fall arrest systems stop a fall after it has occurred, while a fall restraint system prevents one from occurring.

How long can you stay in an arrest harness after falling?

You should try to be in a harness, suspended in the air, for no longer than five minutes.  It is important to have others able to pull you back up quickly after falling.

What can I wear with a fall arrest harness?

If you are in a fall arrest harness, you should not wear body belts with your harness, and your harness needs to be fitted to your body for the safest result.

 Why Use Our Systems?


We use expert opinions to determine the most secure locations to implement your roof safety solution and install them quickly and efficiently.

Fast Braking Systems

With our available inertia reels, you can stop a fall seconds after it happens, locking employees to their static line or anchor point almost instantly.


With the latest in height safety equipment available in Australia, we can ensure the security of any roof.

Height Safety Services 

At Australian Height Safety Services, we take pride in providing the best height safety equipment that meets all Australian height safety measures. This ensures a safe working environment for everyone.

Making sure your rooftops are secure and safe for people to use is important for health and safety compliance. Our service is designed to ensure this.

The Fall Arrest Systems for You 

We offer the best fall protection available at Australian Height Safety Services. If you want to get fall arrest equipment today, or to discuss what options may work best for you, call us now for expert advice.

Sydney Fall Arrest Systems
Roof Anchor Points

Project Example

This example shows how different types of fall arrest and height safety equipment are used in conjunction to create a comprehensive and compliant system.

Walkways, step ladders, and guardrails are all used here to provide safe access to roof mounted equipment.

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