Why Do You Need An Anchor Point System and Safety Harness

Why Do You Need An Anchor Point System and Safety Harness

why you need a roof anchor systemOne of the most essential fall arrest precautions is a roof anchor point system combined with a roof safety harness. According to Australian Height Safety Services (AHSS) company director, Cameron Gelly, statistics show that falls from heights injure approximately 7,700 workers each year and result in 26 deaths.

A roof anchor point is used in combination with a roof safety harness for optimal safety. Temporary and permanent anchor points can be installed. The type, installation, and incorporation of any additional safety systems will depend on the pitch of the roof and how close to the edge employees will be working.

Anchor points and a harness are employed when workers are at risk of free-falling to catch them in mid-air. Rope access systems are designed for situations when a conventional method won’t work and enables workers to ascend, descend and traverse ropes while suspended by a safety harness. They’re equally applicable for residential, commercial and industrial environments.

A safety harness works to evenly distribute the weight of an individual and the force if they fall. A properly worn and appropriately adjusted safety harness distributes the energy of a fall to the areas of the body that are best able to withstand the force. They also keep the body in an upright position.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) determines the parameters for safe anchor points that are capable of withstanding specific stresses when under pressure. The design and installation of a fall arrest system costs $200 per anchor point. The cost is $300-$500 for the design and installation of a rope access system. Each situation is different, but a typical installation usually includes 14 anchor points.

The number of roof anchor points and their positioning are reliant on four basic factors encompassing the pitch of the roof, roofing material, ease of access, and the location of the premises. Those elements hold true whether workers are cleaning gutters, cleaning windows, performing equipment maintenance, installing a roof, or need access to facades.

Australian Height Safety Services is a leader in the industry, providing clients with consultations, inspections, safety systems, and installations to ensure that companies are in compliance with all pertinent regulations. AHSS can also assist with general height issues and ensure any existing safety systems meet current codes.

Why choose AHSS?

Australian Height Safety Services has been providing a wide array of expert systems, installation, and safety advice for more than 15 years to ensure worker safety and reduce the potential for liability. The company’s systems are cost effective solutions that are in compliance with all regulatory requirements for multiple applications.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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