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Access and fall protection systems you can trust.

At Australian Height Safety Services, we choose to recommend Sayfa systems because their market-leading range of products. Sayfa systems and products are compliant to Australian standards and specifically engineered to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with working at heights.

Sayfa products are manufactured, batch tested, and numbered on Australian shores. Sayfa provides full traceability from manufacture through to installation and have the capacity to design height safety systems that answer specific business requirements. Across commercial, industrial and domestic markets, Sayfa systems have you covered.

Learn about their complete height safety product range and our installation services below:

Roof anchor points

Roof anchor points are used for two primary purposes: fall arrest systems and rope access systems. We use Sayfa roof anchors to install both. Our team of expert technicians can talk you through the right roof anchor point to meet your property’s safety and compliance needs. Whether it’s for abseil use or prevention of falls, you’re in safe hands with a Sayfa roof anchor installed by AHSS.

Static lines

Sayfa Systems

A Static Line system.

Static lines, installed professionally and used with the correct fall arrest harness, provide a safety solution and ensure maximum protection while working at heights, preventing falls and injuries. Sayfa systems offer continuous attachment and effective fall protection across roof surfaces and other elevated areas to which safe access is required. Their modular make-up means they are well-suited to a wide range of applications. Our team of expert technicians can swiftly install them, too.

Roof guardrails

Engineered for structural soundness, roof guardrails offer excellent protection against the risk of falls and injuries. Solid and sturdy, the Sentry range of roof guardrails from Sayfa is manufactured with high-grade aluminium for application on any roof surface. Our team can happily recommend, supply and install the right roof guardrails for your premises.

Roof walkway systems

Aluminium is a great construction material for roof walkway systems, and Sayfa systems are manufactured exclusively with high-grade aluminium. They boast flexibility in design with permanent or fold down options to suit the aesthetic requirements of your building, and can be used in conjunction with other types of height safety equipment including guardrails, step ladders, anchor points and more.

Roof access ladders

A Roof Step Ladder.

Roof access ladders are a permanent and safe means of providing rooftop entry for your workers. Sayfa roof access ladders are designed to support reasonable loads, and when installed by AHSS technicians, will meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards. Whether your workplace only needs one ladder or a comprehensive height safety system, our team has the know-how to install a fully compliant roof access system.

Step ladders

Step ladders offer security and safety for small-scale jobs. Sayfa step ladder are both versatile and industry-approved, and our friendly technicians at AHSS can recommend the right one for your purposes. Sayfa’s step ladders and bridges are all 150kg industrial rated for single person use across industrial and commercial applications, and many incorporate handrails and knee-rails for added protection and stability.

Roof access hatches

For times when you need convenient access to your rooftop facilities, you can’t go wrong with a Sayfa roof hatch access system. Our team can supply both hinged and sliding access hatches in a wide range of sizes that are compliant with all Australian Safety Standards.

For more information on our height safety products and services, contact us here or call the AHSS team on 03 9718 0322.

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