The Benefits of Using Sayfa Systems

The Benefits of Using Sayfa Systems

Making the standard SayfaSafya Systems

Because Sayfa is on a mission to bring every worker home safely, they treat standards as the minimum requirement, not the end goal. Every component they use is rigorously tested to meet the requirements of Australian Standards, using the highest grade materials to meet the demands of any environment.

The combination of Sayfa’s approach and a high level of quality is the reason why government and industry look to them as a reference point in making Australia’s workplaces safe.

A customised product at ‘out of the box’ prices

Every site is different. Sayfa understand that, and they look to develop solutions to combat every safety challenge in both the construction process and the ongoing delivery of maintenance.

Innovation is the key to the success of Sayfa Systems. The flexibility of their products mean that not only will their solution deliver what is expected under the rigorous standards, it will also be designed to be easily absorbed into daily routines. Sayfa modular systems make it simple and cost effective for AHSS to create tailored solutions for our clients and mean they can avoid a large investment in a bespoke-engineered design. In effect, because of our relationship with Sayfa, we can we provide a highly customised product at an ‘out of the box’ price.

Let us do the thinking for you

Adhering to safety laws can be a complicated challenge for workplaces, and at AHSS we can play a useful role in developing the right solution. Through our relationship with Sayfa, we can supply detailed Safya Systems specification and layout plans.

Sayfa and easier.

All Sayfa Systems are designed with intelligence; the kind of smarts that make it easy for AHSS to deliver the solution you need. Every custom design comes with comprehensive user guides and clear, easy to read instructions. Why? Because Sayfa and AHSS are not prepared to leave safety to chance.

For more information on our Safya height safety products and services, contact us here, or call us today on 1300 941 211.

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